Since becoming one of the first companies in the food industry to receive B Corp accreditation way back in 2015, fine food wholesaler Cotswold Fayre, has been actively extolling the principles of this global organisation.

Now, the company has gone a step further with the launch of its B Corp Accelerator Programme, designed to inform and help its suppliers through the B Corp accreditation process.

Clementine De Zotti, impact manager at Cotswold Fayre says:  “Many of our suppliers are eager to understand more about B Corp and how they can start to work towards accreditation themselves.

“From the outside, the process can look a little daunting.  Many are already doing the right things but need some assistance on how to connect this with the certification process, and this is where we can really help.”

There are more than 600 B Corps in the UK, of which 103 are in the food and drink sector. Cotswold Fayre has 35 B Corp suppliers and hopes that with the help of the new programme it will add a further 20 to its portfolio this year.

Brian Crowther, co-founder at Flower and White, has recently joined the inaugural three month course and says: “When the opportunity came up with Cotswold Fayre to join a B Corp cohort led Accelerator course we jumped at it.

“B Corp frames our company’s ambitions very well.  Why wouldn’t we want to embrace a working culture that supports our people, customers and community whilst bringing tangible improvements to environmental impact? Why wouldn’t every business?

“The cohort approach allows a shared experience learning environment that is super helpful and a very efficient way of learning.”

The B Corp movement helps companies improve their social and environmental impact for all people, communities and the planet through its standards and tools, with the aim of creating an inclusive, equitable and regenerative world.

There’s now a rapidly growing group of purpose-driven businesses that are redefining the way that business is done.

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