Curtis Instruments was recently proud and delighted to hold their latest customer seminar at their UK Northampton offices with the focus on ensuring their nationwide team of independent charger agents are up to speed with the latest range introductions and why this was important to them and the sector at large.


The agents spent a convivial day networking together including quality hospitality and were trained on the new Curtis and the current important industry legislation.

Key aspects covered included the new DIN safety standard 41774 for pulse charge curves, which is how the recently launched 8 hour PrimoPulse charger operates.

Of particular note and interest to the audience was how the pulse charging method provides users with significant cost savings: – Energy savings due to lower charge factor (typically 8-10% compared to 16-20% for Wa and WoWa charging): – Faster charging compared to Wa chargers: – Reduced water consumption because due to lower charge factor and consequently less battery maintenance: and reduced minimum battery temperature increase due to the lower charge factor and resulting increased battery life.

The event was perceived as an excellent overall success combining as it did discussion about the nature of the market, product awareness, technical training and health & safety update.

Curtis UK has been delivering battery charging solutions for more than 20 years. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art Italian factory certified to ISO 14001, Curtis Chargers offer users significant advantages in terms of efficiency, longevity, flexibility and support when compared with other choices.

Irrespective of the sector, requirement or truck; on-board, free-standing or wall mounted, Curtis has the chargers in stock. As well as the mentioned all new 8 hour WO-WP PrimoPulse buyers can choose the PrimoPower for 12 hour Wa charging or various High Frequency models. Entry level models come with a 3 year warranty, then range up to 5 year warranty for top of the range chargers which are also supported by nationwide service agent cover.

Buying Curtis can produce real time savings in many areas and intelligent functionality protects the expensive traction battery you’re charging: 800 charge cycle memory provides improved battery management, proportional gassing and controlled equalisation for efficient charging and battery protection along with a “start” delay function that makes use of off-peak power saving up to 60% on electricity running costs. These, along with other special features, can provide savings in the first year in excess of £1000 – more than the cost of a charger.


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