Dina Foods, the authentic handmade Mediterranean foods specialists, have launched a giant step forward in the quality and choice of flat breads available in the UK, with the introduction of their new Paninette flat bread range.  Dina Foods are hailing the new Paninettes as a breakthrough for the flat bread category, which will excite consumers, wholesalers and retailers alike.

In the multiple retail sector the Paninettes are enjoying healthy sales at over 140 ASDA superstores, and are now being introduced in major foodservice distributors, wholesalers and cash ‘n’ carries. “This is certainly the way forward for flat breads,” says Dina Foods’ Managing Director, Mr Suheil Haddad.

The four Paninettes varieties being initially launched are Original, Wholemeal, Herbes de Provence and With Fresh Mint. They are all made with French flour, providing the bread with a unique quality and taste that makes a real addition to the eating experience: Mr Haddad explains: “The special recipes we have used have also given each product a different dimension to the taste that has not been available before. Another great advantage Paninette breads have is their variety of use. Not only ideal as wraps, they are perfect to make sandwiches, as meal accompaniments and are also a delight for children to eat with the spreads of their choice.”

Dina Foods’ Paninette products contain no artificial colourings, and are low in salt. Initially available in controlled atmosphere packs, they will also be produced as frozen. To help the consumer to get more from their use of the products, recipes have been added to the packs.

Dina Foods’ Managing Director Suheil Haddad’s expertise is in Lebanese flat bread, made with fast fermentation in an additive-free environment. Supporting Suheil is Sales Director Vincent Decamps, who has 23 years’ experience at the forefront of the French bakery industry, with particular expertise in low fermentation.

Vincent Decamps tells the story of the new Paninettes: “Hot and cold sandwich solutions are now the established way of eating for people on the move and at work here in the UK, with the panini and baguette dominating the quality end of the market. The alternative to paninis and baguettes is wraps. Up until now these have been dominated by one bread type, wraps, which sadly but fairly have only one characteristic, a “carrier for ingredients,” and are what we call bread without soul.

“At Dina Foods we have a radical vision and attitude. We asked ourselves, why should flat bread eaters have to be excluded from the gastronomic eating experience? There was nothing available for them, so we came up with a healthy alternative.

“We are passionate about food quality and wanted to offer consumers a flat bread which offered flexibility, roll-ability, flavour, aroma and most of all the ultimate bread eating experience, so our MD Suheil Haddad put his depth of knowledge into two years of experiment, and voila, the Paninette.”

Mr Decamps continues: “ The Paninette can perform in all usage situations with the unique advantage of being low in salt, where all others are high in salt, and most importantly a flat bread which performs like a wrap but tastes and feels like artisan bread and puts pleasure on the table. Bon appetit!”

Dina Foods Ltd

Tel: 020 8621 5511

Email: sales@dinafoods.com


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