DSC_0011nThe Nicolite is a healthier and safer alternative to smoking real cigs, noted as the most cheapest and advanced e-cig on the market… now bars, clubs, pharmacies and news and convenience stores nationwide are selling them.

You may have seen Johnny Depp using the electronic cigarette on a train in the recent movie The Tourist, explaining to the beautiful Jolie, it’s not real, it’s an LED light’ The Nicolite uses micro LED light technology, whenever you puff the light on the end flares up. It delivers nicotine into the body the same way as ordinary smoking but through a water vapour that you exhale, so you can even blow smoke rings with it!


There are no cig ends, it’s smokeless, odourless, no tobacco, no tar, no tar carbon monoxide or 4000 other chemicals associated with real smoking. Retailing for around £6.95 and lasting 25 plus real cigs, the Nicolite is by far the cheapest and longer lasting disposable cigarette on the market.

If you are interested in stocking Nicolites. Nicolite is offering Wholesale Manager readers 10% off first orders, sale or return on first orders and no minimum spend requirement, making the Nicolite a very available sellable product for you business.

For enquiries please call our sales team on 0121 382 2285 to take advantage of this offer or email mail@nicolites.com

nicolites-logoNicolites have also introduced this month rechargeable cigarettes, which comes with a USB stick charger… for more info ask the sales team or look on www.nicolites.co.uk

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