Ferrero will be investing £6.74m (confectionery and spreads) this Christmas while launching an array of new products across its brands, including novelties, figures and advent calendars.

Levi Boorer, Customer Development Director at Ferrero, comments: “Ferrero had a successful Christmas in 2017, which saw the total brand grow by £8.6m[1]. It is important as a leading confectionery manufacturer to offer retailers products and ranges that help them to cater for the different types of festive shopping needs. Whether it’s to gift, to share or simply to treat and enjoy with loved ones, we know shoppers love Ferrero products and that they are a staple at Christmas.

“However, before going into Christmas plans, we are thrilled to share the news of our NEW all year round product for Thorntons. We are particularly excited as this NPD range will expand the Thorntons footprint into the sharing category, bolstering its heartland in gifting.”

Introducing NEW Thorntons Pearls

This September, Thorntons is introducing NEW Thorntons Pearls, a delightfully luxurious premium option in the boxed chocolate category.

Expertly refined with Thorntons’ chocolate-making craftsmanship, the first bite through the delicate chocolate shell unveils one of two exquisite flavours, Salted Caramel or Nutty Crunch (both 167g with an MRSP of £4.99). 

Salted Caramel:

Delicately flavoured with a hint of sea salt, this rich and gooey caramel centre is sure to provide a real taste of opulence with each mouthful.

Nutty Crunch:
Made with the finest quality roasted hazelnuts and elegantly enriched with crispy wafer pieces, every bite of this decadent praline centre delivers pure luxury.

Aimed at younger consumers of boxed chocolate (with a sweet spot of 25-34 year old women), the Thorntons Pearls range is perfect for the sharing occasion, which is worth £84m and growing at 6%[2]. The premium part of the sharing occasion sector is growing even faster at 15%, making Thorntons Pearls the perfect indulgence.

Boorer adds: “65% of consumers told us they would buy Thorntons Pearls in addition to their current repertoire and 91% stated that Pearls are good for sharing[3].”

Thorntons Pearls will be supported by PR and social to drive trial and engagement.

Adult seasonal confectionery

Over the last five years, Ferrero has achieved consecutive growth during the festive period, and last year was no different. Christmas 2017 saw Ferrero’s entire boxed portfolio up by +7.3%, greatly attributed to the Thorntons brand, which returned to double digit growth at +12% (MAT +2.5%)[4].

Ferrero Rocher experienced its sixth consecutive year of growth over the Christmas period last year[5], and Ferrero Pralines – which envelopes the brands Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Collection and Raffaello – also saw growth, up by £2.9m[6]. Ferrero Rocher T24 remains the number one all year round boxed SKU across total market[7].

Ferrero Novelties drove the biggest growth into the category at Christmas last year (+£2.4m)[8], which can be greatly accounted to the Grand Ferrero Rocher 125g (3rd biggest SKU in the Novelties category[9]), which grew by over +20%, adding £390k to the novelty category alone[10].

Following a successful year experiencing a phenomenal +13% growth[11], Raffaello’s support will continue to focus on highlighting the sweet, smooth and nutty flavours of the product through digital, social and sampling. 

Thorntons has a strong affiliation with shoppers over the seasonal period, which can be greatly attributed to a strong performance from Figures and Advent Calendars, both +21% (value)[12]. Continuing to drive growth, the brand is also innovating its seasonal portfolio, to drive relevancy for shoppers.

As shoppers continue to look for new and seasonally relevant products from brands they know and trust, Thorntons is introducing a new figure to its novelties line up. Joining the popular Jolly Reindeer figure (200g) and The Snowman figure (60g & 200g), which delivered double digit growth to the category last year[13], is the NEW Cheeky Elf, carefully crafted to capture the intricate detail that goes into every product. According to research, 80% of shoppers agree that the Thorntons Cheeky Elf stands out from other chocolate figures[14].

To add further buzz and excitement Thorntons will run an on-pack promotion across the Cheeky Elf 200g packs, offering shoppers the chance to win a magical trip to Lapland. To be in with a chance of winning, entrants must purchase a Thorntons Cheeky Elf and share a picture of it in a hiding place using #ThorntonsElf.

Thorntons will continue to ‘Pass the Love On’ this Christmas with a £2.4m support plan across TV, VOD, social, press and in-store activations. Featuring the recognisable creative from last year, the ad will showcase Thorntons’ lovingly crafted Continental range, which experienced exceptional sales at Christmas 2017, adding incremental growth to the brand (+12.6%)[15].

Thorntons is also introducing packaging redesigns across the Continental range, including Continental Dark, to hero the variety of premium, handcrafted chocolates within.  

After delivering £4.2m to the category[16] in the first year, Thorntons Seasonal Selection and Thorntons Christmas Collection will be returning for Christmas 2018.

The Thorntons Christmas Selection Boxes will also feature a new design for Christmas 2018. The much-loved boxed chocolates will include limited edition flavours, among popular favourites such as the chocolate star and solid-chocolate Thorntons Christmas tree.

The Thorntons Seasonal Collection Boxes – Thorntons Snowflake and Snowball Collection, Thorntons Marzipan Collection and Thorntons Star Collection – will feature a new design for Christmas 2018. The Thorntons Star Collection will also include four NEW chocolates: a Milk Salted Fudge Star, a Dark Chocolate Truffle Star, a Milk Roast Almond and Hazelnut Star and a White Gingerbread Star.

Something for the entire family

This year, the Kinder brand will continue to be supported digitally with a campaign across Facebook and YouTube. The campaign will invite families to share their one wish for Christmas and, for one lucky family, Kinder will make this wish come true.

“Childhood is magical in so many ways and the excitement grows during festive occasions when imaginations run wild,” Boorer continues. “Kinder is there to bring this wonder to life and to make those shared moments more memorable.”

As the number one Kids Confectionery line since 2012[17], Kinder is also adding new Kinder Surprise Hollow Figures. The new 36g Figures will join Kinder’s existing range of Novelties, including the Surprise Santa Figure, which will feature a new Surprise toy to drive seasonal relevancy.

Following sales of Kinder Joy, which grew by +31% last Christmas, making it the number one growth driver in self-treat[18], the spoonable favourite will return this Christmas with new collectable winter eggs. Available in three colours and four different designs, the range will include eight seasonally relevant toys, perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree.

Keeping on top of consumer trends, Kinder is also adding another character to its Fluffy Toy range with the launch of the Kinder Unicorn. With 61% of parents finding the toy relevant for Christmas[19], the Unicorn will join the Polar Bear and Reindeer, to create a three-strong range.

Advent calendars

Advent Calendars was the fastest growing sector at Christmas 2017 (+28%)[20], with Kinder adding +£2.2m to the category, following the launch of its first Advent Calendar last year[21]. Returning for its second year, Kinder is looking to maintain its number one spot in Kids Advent Calendars[22] with two new additions – the Kinder Mini Mix Advent Calendar (351g) and a Kinder Surprise Egg Advent Calendar (431g).

With the premium advent segment experiencing strong growth (+48%)[23], Thorntons is continuing to push its four-strong Advent Calendar range, which includes a mix perfect for all the family. The four Thorntons Advent Calendars for 2018 are: the Thorntons Continental 280g, Santa 93g, The Snowman™ 93g and The Snowman™ and The Snowdog 180g. Delivering +21% (value) to the category last year[24], Thorntons is looking to add an element of surprise to traditional Advent Calendars, with some chocolates containing a fondant filling.

“Confectionery is one of the few categories where shoppers are willing to spend money on products they love, especially at key seasonal trading spikes such as Christmas and spring,” adds Boorer.

“By investing in heavyweight media campaigns and NPD, we believe we can provide retailers with the perfect gift this Christmas in the form of fantastic sales. We are really proud of our brands’ scale, and we’re committed to developing an all year round range that also caters for the explosion of special occasions during the festive season,” Boorer concludes.

For further retailer information and advice please visit Ferrero’s trade website


Present in the UK since 1966, Ferrero is a leading family-owned global company. Ferrero is the fourth-largest player in the global confectionery market (FT, 2015) and its unique and iconic brands are well-loved throughout the UK.  Ferrero’s brand portfolio includes: nutella; 400g is the UK’s No.1 selling spread SKU[25]; Ferrero Rocher, the UK’s no.2 classic boxed chocolate brand[26]; tic tac, the no.5 pocket confectionery brand[27]; Kinder Surprise, the no.3 kids confectionery[28] brand; Kinder Bueno, a top 10 countline brand[29], and most recently Thorntons, Britain’s much-loved chocolate manufacturer and retailer.  The success of each brand is based on quality products which are carefully crafted and supported with significant investment, to deliver great tastes for customers and strong profits for retailers. 

Ferrero’s multi-million pound acquisition of Thorntons in 2015 is part of its continued investment in the competitive UK market. The transaction brought together two highly complementary businesses that share the same passion for innovative brand growth, underpinned by a proud heritage with drive and culture built upon family foundations. Ferrero is committed to building a strong and sustainable company that will continue to surprise and delight consumers with high quality confectionery products and experiences.


Thorntons Pearls Salted Caramel 167g and Nutty Crunch 167g RRP £4.99

Thorntons Continental Dark – 284g RRP £9

Thorntons Continental Original – 284g RRP £9

Thorntons Seasonal Selection – 161g RRP £5

Thorntons Christmas Selection – 457g RRP £10

The Snowman and Snowdog Advent Calendar – RRP £10

The Snowman Advent Calendar – RRP £3.00

Thorntons Continental Advent Calendar – RRP £8

Thorntons Father Christmas Advent Calendar RRP £3

Thorntons Cheeky Elf 60g – RRP £2

Thorntons Cheeky Elf 200g – RRP £5

 ‘The Snowman™ and The Snowdog’

©Snowdog Enterprises Ltd 2017

THE SNOWMAN™ Snowman Enterprises Limited

‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs is published by Puffin

Licensed by Copyrights Group


Kinder Chocolate Letter to Santa – 100g RRP £3

Kinder Advent Calendar – 135g RRP £5.38

Kinder Advent Calendar – 421g RRP £24

Kinder Advent Calendar – 351g RRP £11.99

Kinder Surprise Hollow Figure– 36g RRP £1.80

Kinder Surprise Egg– 100g RRP £6.35

Kinder Santa – 75g RRP £2.89

Kinder Unicorn Fluffy Toy – RRP £7.51

Kinder Joy – RRP £1.14

Ferrero Pralines

Ferrero Star – T3 RRP £2.25

Ferrero Tree– T4 RRP £2.25

Ferrero Hanging Star – 50g RRP £2.15

Ferrero Cube – T6 – RRP £3.38

Ferrero Cube – T18 RRP £7.32

Ferrero Grand Rocher – 125g RRP £5.63

Ferrero Grand Rocher – 240g RRP £9.66

Raffaello Star – T4 RRP £2.25

Ferrero Collection Gift Bow – T24 £9.00

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