FlameDisk-GrillingLaunching in the UK from March 2010 is the FlameDisk, a revolutionary new heat source that can be used in any BBQ, that is set to transform the BBQ experience for charcoal users. The FlameDisk is a small disk, only 3cm high, and a convenient BBQ’ing option for amateur and professional barbecuers alike. Employing solid ethanol as its fuel source, it lights instantaneously with the touch of a match and is ready to cook on in just a couple of minutes. From ignition to cooking, the FlameDisk saves roughly a half hour of wait time while giving eco-conscious cooks a green BBQ’ing alternative.

The Flamedisk is placed in the grill where the charcoal would normally go, and once lit, the disk will continue to burn for at least 45 minutes – ample time to cook any food from burgers and sausages, to tuna steaks and chicken breasts. For those concerned about taste, the FlameDisk has a unique “Smoker Plate” which provides an excellent flame-grilled flavour, just like charcoal. Recent blind taste tests in the States showed users could not tell the difference between FlameDisk and charcoal cooked food.

While the FlameDisk heat output is similar to charcoal, it creates no ash or soot, meaning there’s no messy cleanup. After the solid ethanol fuel burns out, the FlameDisk cools to the touch in minutes and can simply be placed in the dustbin or recycling bin.


For the more eco-conscious BBQ’ers who love the taste of charcoal, the FlameDisk is the perfect solution as it uses a completely renewable biofuel and is packaged in recyclable materials. The FlameDisk’s ethanol fuel burns extremely cleanly and produces 99% less carbon monoxide than charcoal.

Available for £4.99 SRP, FlameDisk will be available from March at a number of retailers across the country as well as online at firebox.com and many other leading online companies.

For product information or to become a stockist, contact Focused Distribution www.fdistribution.co.uk

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