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organic-baby-leaf-salad.jpgFlorette, the UK prepared salad specialist continues to demonstrate its strength and investment in the bagged salad sector with the launch of two new ranges, designed to meet the current consumer hunger for natural and premium food options. The two new ranges will further reinforce Florette’s vitality and established standing in the marketplace by broadening an already healthy product portfolio. A new Organic collection will be available in two varieties: Spinach, Watercress and Rocket and Baby Leaf Salad, together with a Premium Blend range, also comprising two varieties: Baby Watercress blend and Multileaves blend.

The Florette brand is already performing extremely well, growing at some 19.7 per cent and actually outperforming the marketplace, which is increasing at 0.7 per cent in value. This latest wave of new product investment has been designed to further strengthen the brand and drive added sales into the category as Florette’s Managing Director Mark Newton explains:
“With 83 per cent of consumers saying they have purchased organic and with the organic category set to grow 20 per cent year on year, there is clearly real growth potential in this segment. Given this opportunity and our reputation for expertise in quality and freshness, it was very much a natural step to extend our offering into organic.”

Florette’s new Organic range effectively enables the organic consumer to complete their plate of organic food, but significantly comes with the reassurance that it has a genuine organic label thanks to the strength of the Florette brand:
“Consumers trust the Florette brand because they know we are committed to quality at every step, from the choice and location of our growers and our farming processes, through to the selection of the leaves themselves. This commitment is equally evident with our new Organic range which is approved by the Soil Association. The range’s raw materials are sourced from the UK season-permitting and we’re also investing in a new process to clean the salad wash water, specifically by using unique technology to wash the organic leaves in chilled water, free from any processing aids.”

Ultimate taste, ultimate freshness
Florette’s valuable consumer insight similarly identified a taste for a more experimental mix of leaves, triggering the creation of the Premium Blend range which is set to offer the discerning palate the ultimate salad for taste and freshness.

The Premium Blend range features a considered blend of unique ingredients such as baby watercress and multileaf as Mark Newton explains: “Premium Blend offers an expert combination of leaves, colour and texture to achieve the ultimate in flavour. Our research has shown that consumers are more experimental with their food than ever before, exploring new tastes through travel and dining, and looking to try new things at home.”

With Florette already enjoying strong sales of the premium leaf variant thanks to the strength of its existing rocket, spinach and watercress ranges and with the premium sub-category now worth £180 million and growing by 2.4%, the future looks bright for the top-grade leaf.
Premium Blend not only offers a superior taste, but also a discerningly high quality. Florette has utilised the latest blending techniques to create the best mix of texture, flavour, taste and colour.

The new Premium Blend range will also feature a new pack design which combines bolder, more diverse packaging colours and an enlarged window cut-out, ensuring greater point of sale stand-out and attracting the eye of the more affluent and experimental consumer.

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