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Since its launch at The Natural and Organic Show, followed by a high octane, energetic sampling campaign focused around the London Marathon in April 2009, the Vitamin-B derived 60ml FOCUS energy shot has proved extremely popular with the health and wellbeing retail market. FOCUS has provided retailers with a welcome healthier alternative to the sugar and caffeine-led shots and drinks already on the market, such as Relentless and Quick Energy.

The high-visibility launch campaign – FOCUS…NOW HAVE WE GOT YOUR ATTENTION? – involved promotional ‘HotShots’ handing out samples at London’s busiest commuter stations on the Friday and Monday of the Marathon weekend, having been cycled to their locations in unmissable black and orange FOCUS ‘wrapped’ PediCabs. The activity certainly caught the attention of Nutricentre www.nutricentre.com and Tree of Life www.treeoflifeuk.com; first to sell FOCUS Energy Shots online.

Next to recognise the potential of the FOCUS Energy Shot were Holland and Barratt, Budgens and Londis.

Karen Nunn, Sales and Marketing Director, FOCUS explains: “FOCUS Energy Shots are produced and distributed in Britain and represent a healthier way to achieve an almost instant energy boost as it is formulated with a highly effective mix of Vitamin Bs and antioxidants. It has just 50mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to one cup of coffee; whereas its US shot counterparts contain twice as much on average!

energy-shot-1Because our product has just four calories, no sugar, carbs, artificial colourants or flavourings, it is ideal for people watching their weight or slimming; the health conscious; fitness enthusiasts, or indeed anyone who needs a boost in concentration and energy.”

With a refreshing fruity taste, FOCUS is a super-concentrated energy shot that comes in a handy 60ml bottle. Rich in Vitamins B6, B12 and B3, FOCUS Energy Shots provide a healthier alternative to sugar and caffeine laden drinks. One shot provides a sustained boost in concentration, alertness and vitality for up to five hours through a combination of highly effective ingredients, formulated to improve physical and mental performance.

FOCUS is ideal for counter-top and till-side displays, and offers many Clip-Strip opportunities – an impulse purchase with wide consumer appeal.

Retail benefits:

• Small size allows versatility of display – Shelf, CDU, Clip-Strip

• Most effective display position is Till-Point, or strategic Clip-Strip positioning

• Ambient product requiring no refrigeration

• Eye-catching display cases for 12 units

• Current RRP – £1.79

• Strong high margin impulse purchase

• Produced and distributed in the UK

• Focus Energy Shots are now available from the Well being fixture at Waitrose Canary Wharf.

For more information on FOCUS Energy Shots visit www.focusenergyshot.com

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