New Covent Garden, Britain’s best-selling chilled soup brand, is going back to its roots, bottling the magic of New Covent Garden and focusing on its key attributes of creativity and expertise in fresh soup.

The £multi-million move, backed by national TV advertising, will  re-inforce how New Covent Garden chefs produce the best possible taste, led by a new core message: Fresh from our kitchen to yours.

The wide-ranging initiative includes exciting new product development, distinctive new pack designs and range extensions.

“We’ll be highlighting that our soups are made by cooks with a passion for producing the best-tasting fresh soup that’s full of flavour,” says Nigel Parrott, Hain Daniels Group Marketing Director.

The NPD will be led by the launch in September of a new, premium, ‘world-inspired’ range, Tastes of the World.

The 600g packs will have an rrp of £2.40 and the range will comprise the following varieties: Mexican Chilli Chicken; Caribbean Sweet Potato; Moroccan Tagine; Thai Chicken with Lemongrass; Indian Chicken Biryani and Spanish Patatas Bravas & Chorizo.

“We’re providing a taste adventure for food lovers looking for more interesting and exciting tastes in fresh food,” adds Nigel Parrott.

“Whilst the Tastes of the World range provides real inspiration, the flavours are all accessible and will appeal to the mainstream.”

At the same time, more prominence is being given to the New Covent Garden brand name on pack and clearer flavour descriptors.

Meanwhile, New Covent Garden’s core range of 26 SKUs will feature in eye-catching new pack designs for maximum on-shelf impact, including clearer product descriptors.

In addition to nationwide TV advertising this winter, New Covent Garden Soup will benefit from below the line support through PR, web and sales promotion.

New Covent Garden

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