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One of Britain’s most iconic beers, London Pride, celebrates its 60th anniversary with a striking new advertising campaign. Live during the month of November, the activity will commemorate 60 years of brewing expertise and heritage, all centred around: ‘Brewed, Served & Enjoyed with Pride’. Rolling out in print media and out-of-home sites, the campaign aims to reach over 2.5 million adult consumers.

First introduced in 1959, London Pride took its name from the Latin for a flower, “Saxifraga × urbium”, that arose from the rubble in Blitz-hit areas of wartime London, and thrived against all odds becoming a symbol of hope. It remains an unmistakable beer, with great depth and balance of flavour. Brewed at the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick, London Pride remains a first choice amongst ale drinkers in London and the South East1, with a superior rate-of-sale than key competitor ale brands2. The new campaign aims to bring London Pride to the forefront of its fans’ minds and generate excitement in cask ale, which remains a major category at £1.55 billion RSV3.

Asahi UK Managing Director, Tim Clay, comments: “We wanted to use this milestone to launch a campaign that celebrates the timeless nature of the London Pride brand for established fans, whilst allowing new consumers to discover the exceptional quality of this most iconic of beers. Now part of the Asahi portfolio, London Pride sits within an unrivalled line-up of premium brands, and we are committed to building upon its existing strength and heritage to further unleash its potential.

“Bottled ale drinkers continue to be extremely valuable to the beer market, with the share of spend in the category currently highest amongst the older, more affluent demographic4. At Asahi UK, we’re committed to working with our customers to champion brilliant quality, every time. We are proud to be celebrating this amazing, premium beer and look forward to supporting its future growth.”

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