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Kellogg’s launches All-Bran Prebiotic range as the latest edition to the Kellogg’s ‘Happy Guts’ portfolio – backed by a £3million campaign educating shoppers on the benefits of fibre.

The new variants, All-Bran Original Prebiotic and All-Bran Almond and Pumpkin Seed Prebiotic, will hit shelves in January 2020. The cereal contains prebiotic fibre in the form of chicory root inulin which feeds the good bacteria in the gut. The two new flavours will be available in 380gpacks, RRP £2.99.

In February 2019 Kellogg’s launched its Happy Guts campaign, rebranding and repositioning All Bran, Fruit and Fibre and Bran Flakes for younger, health conscious shoppers focusing on the trend of gut health.

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