Heinz’s Gluten Free social media campaign launches on 13th October 2014, providing simple, easy-to-make video recipes using Heinz’s delicious range of gluten free pasta and sauces. The Heinz ‘Deliciously Gluten Free’ range offers Coeliac and Gluten Intolerance sufferers the chance to enjoy some of their favourite pasta dishes – without having to compromise on taste.

HeinResearch by Heinz found a frustration amongst Coeliac and Gluten Intolerance sufferers who found that Gluten Free recipes tend to feel complicated or inaccessible. In response to this, Heinz will launch a series of simple 15 second recipe videos using the ‘Deliciously Gluten Free’ range of pasta and pasta sauce.

The videos will be hosted on the Heinz YouTube channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCM4dQctBqVtM7LsqRajSLOA/videos – live 15th October. To drive traffic to the channel, Heinz will also invest in Facebook advertising and target popular ‘free from’ food and health bloggers.

Bobbie Staden, Marketing Executive from Heinz said: “People who are gluten intolerant can have a difficult time finding quick and easy meal solutions. This campaign works to close this gap by providing delicious meal solutions that are quick to make, healthy, only require a few ingredients and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.”

Using generations of food know-how, Heinz has blended corn, potato and lupin flour to make sure the taste and ‘bite’ are just right for the great-tasting Italian pastas. The smooth pasta sauces follow an authentic Spanish recipe, which involves gently infusing fresh onions and garlic in oil and blending this with tomatoes as they cook to produce the rich flavour and aroma. The sauces can be enjoyed when heated and stirred into pasta, or as a tomato base for other dishes.

The high quality range features three delicious Italian pasta varieties: Penne, Macaroni and Spaghetti with two tasty pasta sauces: Tomato Frito and Tomato & Basil. The pastas are available in 500g bags at a RRP of £1.80 each and the pasta sauces are available in a 210g tetra pack, with a RRP of £0.89. The small individual portion size of the sauces is designed for added convenience and to reduce waste.

HeinzAll five products feature the crossed grain symbol – certifying them gluten-free – and with no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no artificial preservatives, Heinz is proud that these are products its consumers can really trust.

The total gluten-free market is currently worth £220m and is growing at a rate of 23% per year, with branded penetration growing ahead of private label.


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