Kraft Heinz has kicked-off the Soup winter season with the first strand of an £8m media investment. The first £4m will be invested behind its iconic Heinz Classics Soups range with the new “Made with Great” campaign aiming at driving category engagement and reappraisal of canned soups. The campaign highlights the quality of the ingredients used in the Heinz Classic Soups range, as well as reinforcing the importance of the role of the can in protecting the soup inside, without the need for artificial preservatives or colours.

The 20-second TV ad, communicates the real quality of Heinz Soups. The ad opens on a handful of ripe juicy tomatoes which gradually begin to burst in to a smooth tomato puree as they land in the classic tomato soup simmering in a saucepan, reinforcing the use of quality ingredients and real tomatoes that are present in every Heinz Cream of Tomato can – the nation’s favourite soup. As the camera pans out, it is revealed that the saucepan is in fact the can itself, surrounded by a halo effect, to demonstrate the love, care and expertise that goes into making a Heinz Soup, with the can playing a vital role in protecting and maintaining the quality of the soup inside. The shot then pulls out further to show the can proudly placed in the middle of a family dinner table, as they all enjoy a delicious bowl of tomato soup, followed by the reinforcement of the iconic can of Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup, and the strapline ‘Heinz Soups. Made With Great’.


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