Délifrance UK is leading a catering revolution with a unique “quiche” concept which fuses the best of French craft pastry with the caterer’s own ingredients and imagination.

Crousty Pie pastry cases are designed to make creative and “home made” savoury snacks easily. A frozen 25% butter shortcrust pastry case is supplied with a frozen disc of creamy sauce which is simply placed on top of the caterers’ choice of filling. Baked for 30 minutes, the sauce slowly melts and envelopes the encased ingredients creating a delicious and unique starter, snack, lunch or grab-and-go offering.

As part of its catering “kit”, Crousty Pie features a three-step guide offering innovative ideas for making the most out of your pastry case. The shortcrust bases feature a high-edge meaning there’s no risk of the rich sauce disc, made with whole milk, cream and eggs, overflowing – keeping the baking process consistent, easy and efficient during busy lunch hours. The pastry base is specially designed to remain crusty for longer from leaving the oven, allowing caterers to offer the best quality quiche at any time of day.

Lucy Pickersgill, Head of Foodservice, said: “With almost 30 years of expertise in French bakery and the UK foodservice, we understand the complexities of producing premium, quality products from scratch and this knowledge has gone into the development of the Crousty Pie concept which offers a hassle-free solution to a complex savoury offering, which looks as good as it tastes.”

The individual quiche cases are available in boxes of 32, including both the bases and complementary sauce discs, which also allows the most efficient storage and zero waste to help manage unit costs and boost sales.

“Our aim is always to make the caterers’ lives easier. It’s a tough trading climate and the menu is the biggest opportunity for creating a point of difference. Crousty Pie blends our pastry expertise with the caterers’ own creative flair. It’s a kitchen solution that’s different, offers scope for a good profit margin and tastes and looks superb.”

The Crousty Pie concept is part of a larger launch of 36 new Délifrance product lines, enhancing convenience with no compromise to quality, including the new grab-and-go Provencette Panini range, rich-in fibre nutritional breads and a luxurious, indulgent dessert range.

Delifrance’s Crousty Pie quiche recipe tips:

Stilton and Leek quiche

1. Wash and slice the leeks and sauté in butter until tender

2. Crumb and clue veined stilton

3. Remove the Crousty Pie base from the freezer

4. Place in each pie base 15-20g of sautéed leeks and 8-10g of crumbled stilton

5. Place the frozen disc of sauce on the top of the mix

6. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 175-185C for 25-28 minutes until golden brown

Brie, Cranberry and Mushroom quiche

1. Remove the Crousty Pie base from the freezer

2. Place in each pie base 10-12g of sliced chestnut mushrooms, 6-8g of dried sweetened cranberries and 2 slices (8-10g) of French brie

3. Place the frozen disc of sauce on top of the mix

4. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 175-185 for 25-28 minutes until golden brown

For further information on the Crousty Pie kit or any other products in the Délifrance collection, call 01162 571871
or log onto the website www.delifrance.com.

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