A very warm welcome to the Winter 2013 Wholesale Manager! Britain’s freshest publication for decision makers in the UK wholesale and cash & carry industry is now three year old. As you know, we publish Wholesale Manager in print and on-line, so you can catch up on industry developments wherever you are.

In these pages you’ll find a wealth of information on products and services which are relevant to the day-to-day smooth running of wholesale and cash & carry businesses, making Wholesale Manager a ‘must read’ for everyone working in the wholesale and cash & carry sector.

Three crucial product categories that are the lifeblood of cash ‘n’ carries and delivered wholesalers are grocery, confectionery and ethnic food and drink. All represent a major profit opportunity for Britain’s cash ‘n’ carries and delivered wholesalers, who are well placed to capitalise on the revival in convenience shopping. Britain’s wholesale managers, be they cash ‘n carries or delivered wholesalers, now also serve caterers, cafes, pubs and the spectrum of other retailers, and help them turn in a winning performance.

Despite the flat economy and the damp weather, the UK wholesale and cash & carry sector did remarkably well last year, spurred on by the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics and Paralympics, bringing a welcome optimism to the nation. The feel good factor spilt over into impulse purchases of drinks, soft drinks, food, you name it, from independent retail outlets, and increased spending in the on trade and catering outlets, also supplied by the cash ‘n’ carry and delivered wholesale sector.

So what will 2013 bring us? People might not want to move house in these cautious times but they will still spend on food and drink and non-food. They’ll still want to treat themselves and their friends and family, but will make a determined effort to shop more locally and use the car less instead of driving to the supermarket for top up items, and will expect to find competitive promotions in neighbourhood stores – all good opportunities for cash ‘n’ carries and delivered wholesalers.

In our current tough climate, wisdom has it that reducing running costs is a sure way for delivered wholesalers and cash & carries to protect profitability. Whether you’re one or the other, one of the most certain ways to improve your profitability is to improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations, with the help of your warehouse equipment suppliers. So don’t miss our feature on The Warehouse starting on page 10.

Here’s to an enjoyable winter, and successful trading in 2013.

James Surridge,

Publishing Editor


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