The IMC Group has launched a new addition to their popular ShockWatch range in the UK with ShockTrak, which enables the user to monitor impact recordings and real-time tracking of valuable assets in transit.


The ShockTrak impact recording and tracking system utilises the ShockLog 298 impact recorder and a satellite communication module – an advanced shock and vibration recorder that logs real-time and reports asset location directly to a web-hosted application..

The ShockTrak system is available with three standard program configurations depending on the size and fragility of the shipment. There is also custom programming available: impact scale and frequency filters provide the most adaptable option for users.

Here’s how it works! The ShockTrak identifies incidents before delivery or installation of the asset by monitoring and reporting on impact events, vibration and internal temperature, as well as peak value and summary period journey profile data.

An asset can be tracked at every step of the journey with ShockTrak, as it uses a satellite network and web-hosted software to access tracking data from the device.

Assets can be viewed as a group or can be filtered down to individual units.

Real-time email or text alerts are sent detailing where and when a potentially damaging impact has occurred which may affect the products performance or safety.

The benefit of tracking an asset is obvious – immediate action can be taken even before the shipment is received! During the journey, the ShockTrak utilises a satellite network to alert you when a potentially damaging impact has occurred. With the webhosted software, you can access tracking data from the ShockTrak. Assets can be viewed as a group or can be filtered down to individual units and unacceptable event conditions are reported in real time with email, text or audible application alerts. Asset location reports are sent every four hours.

When the journey has concluded, the ShockLog 298 allows you to download and analyse the full data set. The ShockLog report view provides an overview of the entire journey: peak acceleration values for all three axes reported on a time basis as well detailed impact curves. Zoom in for a closer view, or export data into programs such as Excel and Matlab for more detailed analysis.

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