Budding Indian spiced condiments brand Pico Sauces has been commended for not one, but two of its unique product lines at this year’s Great Taste Awards.

Expertly created to encourage consumers to experiment with authentic Indian flavours beyond the typical curry (and into everyday British meals), the ‘Naga Ghost Pepper Sauce’ and the ‘Varanasi Tamarind Chutney’ received the highly-respected ‘seal of approval’ from a judging panel of over 500 culinary experts and were each awarded with a one-star accolade.

Originally established by the Guild of Fine Food in 1994, the Great Taste Awards began as a simple concept to seek out high-quality, great tasting food created and produced by smaller, independent brands using fresh, local ingredients. Today, the Great Taste Awards are one of the largest and most trusted food and drink awards in the world, with a judging panel of over 500 chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers who each give their honest and impartial feedback in the form of a one, two, or three-star rating.

Arjun Gadkari, co-founder of Pico Sauces, explained: “It’s no secret that Indian food in the UK has been associated with conventional curry flavours that haven’t changed for generations, so I wanted to create a range that was authentic yet contemporary and would reflect the culinary creativity exploding across India today – not what your grandmother cooked 50 years ago!

“By focusing on condiments instead of cooking sauces or pastes, Pico Sauces successfully provides consumers with a taste of India’s dynamic food scene and the opportunity to embrace this new, experimental culture by taking Indian flavours beyond the typical curry meal and placing them in non-Indian contexts – from sandwiches through to BBQs.

“We are thrilled to have been recognised by such a renowned organisation within the food and drink industry and hope that these two awards will allow us to build awareness of our product range across the UK and beyond – all whilst proving to our customers that you can enjoy Indian flavours with whatever you’re eating, whenever you feel like it!”

Founded in 2015 with the main aim of taking Indian flavours beyond the typical curry, the last 12 months have proven extremely successful for the Suffolk based brand. In addition to experiencing an impressive 300% increase in annual turnover, Pico Sauces has secured multiple retail listings across the USA, UK and Singapore, as well as unveiling its newest flavour (the Maha Green Chilli Sauce) via its eCommerce store this summer.

With an RRP of £2.50 each, the Punjabi Ketchup, Konkan Mango Chilli Sauce, Naga Ghost Pepper Sauce, Varanasi Tamarind Chutney and Maha Green Chilli Sauce are available for UK customers to purchase from Booths and most recently, Ocado.

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