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British heritage brand KENCO is now providing caterers the complete range of ‘coffee shop favourites’ with the addition of two new Instant Speciality coffee drinks from April. The release of 1kg Instant Flat White and 1.2kg Instant Iced Latte tins complement the popular 750g range introduced last August; Instant Latte and Instant Cappuccino. All variants will be available for wholesale and cash and carry purchase.

KENCO Instant Specialities are massively outperforming in retail, experiencing double-digit value sales growth of +31.3% in the MAT[1]. This demonstrates a continued demand for frothy, indulgent styles in a convenient offering and, coupled with a rapidly growing interest in the Cold and Iced Coffee category that saw iced coffee becoming the sixth most popular drink ordered in coffee shops[2], a key way for caterers to provide a greater choice of indulgent and nourishing coffee drinks across any work, care or catering environment without the need for barista training or equipment.

In high street coffee shops, Latte remains the number one menu choice accounting for 53.7% of the market, followed closely by Americano at 24.1% and Cappuccino at 29.3%[3]. However, the Flat White is the fastest growing beverage in coffee shops and cafés in the UK to 49%[4], with cold brew also growing significantly by 34%[5]. Recognising that 82% of small businesses and 91% of healthcare environments already have access to a kettle[6], the KENCO ‘coffee shop favourites’ catering range will make it possible for operators to introduce and emulate full coffee indulgence in out of home environments to venues with more limited capacity.

By offering 1kg Instant Flat White and 1.2kg Instant Iced Latte, operators can provide the full selection of the top five coffee shop favourite coffee drinks (including 750g Instant Latte, 750g Instant Cappuccino, and Kenco Millicano) in easy-to-serve foodservice and just a flick of a switch on the kettle or urn.

Martyn Bell, Category Marketing Manager at Jacobs Douwe Egberts said, “KENCO Speciality 1kg Flat White and 1.2kg Iced Latte tins mean caterers can quickly and conveniently serve coffee consumers their ‘coffee shop favourite’ drink styles and share in the great taste of high street trends with simplicity and ease. Perfect for cost sector caterers, providing the full range of coffee shop favourites is a great way for healthcare and workplace staff, patients, colleagues and visitors to connect and promote a better social environment – without the need for expensive training and equipment! 

“With a century of coffee expertise, our focus on speciality coffee and investment in bringing new experiences to the instant category positions us perfectly to meet the growing demand for high quality beverages that can be enjoyed in catering environments.”

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