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Hot, Quick & Tasty food specialist Kepak Convenience Foods is tapping into the growing demand for Mexican food in the UK with the introduction of a Mexican Burrito to the £83 million*1 Rustlers brand.


The new Mexican Beef Burrito joins Rustlers current wrap, BBQ Chicken With Cheese.

“Mexican food is really growing in popularity. It’s one of the fastest-growing ethnic cuisines in the UK and is now valued at over £135 million. You only have to look at the high street to witness the rapid growth of Mexican food,” says Kepak Convenience Foods’ Marketing Director John Armstrong.

“We’re confident that our new Rustlers Mexican Beef Burrito will appeal to people looking for new taste experiences from the nation’s number one microwaveable snacking brand.”

The launch comes as Rustlers has broken into the UK’s Top 100 FMCG Brands for the first time, achieving sales growth of 27% in the last 12 months*1.

* 1 – Nielsen 52 w/e December 29 2012


Tel: 01772 688300

Twitter: @kepaktrade

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