kerrygold-potato.jpgKerrygold has extended the successful 2007 “Spread the Word” campaign into a second year with a new 20 second ad. The campaign which focused on Kerrygold’s “100% pure” key point of difference has been adapted to incorporate the great taste that this 100% purity gives. The ads, created by WCRS, broke on 14th April and will be on air until the end of August. The campaign has been launched with the 20 second ad which is being aired heavily for the first 3 weeks. The main message of this ad is that because Kerrygold Softer Butter is 100 per cent pure it naturally tastes better – unlike most “Spreadable butters” which contain up to a third vegetable oil.

This is then followed by two 10 second ads which will be aired for the remaining 16 weeks of the campaign; one focusing on the pure “no oil” message, the other on the great 100% pure butter taste.
The campaign is backed by a £2.85m investment and is estimated to be viewed by 91% of housewives at least once and 68% 3 times or more.

Alison Palmer, Marketing Controller, comments: “Our Spread the Word campaign was created to capitalise on the growing demand from consumers for pure natural products. However, this year we have taken on board new research which has shown that taste is the most important factor when choosing butter. The 2007 campaign generated a 50% uplift in sales (Ex-factory sales data), with 66% of consumers more likely to buy the product after watching the ad*. We’re hoping that by maintaining the same unique, quirky creative with the additional focus on Kerrygold’s 100 pure butter taste, we will generate even stronger uplifts than last year.”

70 per cent of consumers understood the key message that unlike other spreadables, Kerrygold does not contain vegetable oil*. However, although purity, spreadability and health remain important factors for consumers making their butter choice, taste is increasingly the most important. As a result, for the 2008 campaign, Kerrygold will continue to spread the word about its 100 per cent pure softer butter, but with an added focus on the 100 per cent pure butter taste.

*Millward Brown tracking March 2007

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