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KP Snacks will kick off the new year with a nation-wide poster campaign to support Hula Hoops Puft, the ideal choice for those shoppers looking for a guilt-free snack in the new year. The campaign represents over £1m investment in the brand and will run across the UK from 30 December to 23 February. When looking for snacks, 34% of shoppers will specifically look for a healthier product and 49% say they would choose crisps or savoury snacks over a sugary option. Hula Hoops Puft caters for this group of consumers – at just 72 calories per pack, the deliciously light & tasty snack is one of the best-selling, lower-calorie options on the market. Available in a range of great flavours – Salted, Salt & Vinegar, Beef and Sweet Chilli – they also pack a punch for those 51% of shoppers for whom flavour is the number one sales driver.

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