With a trusted army of loyal fans on social media, the Nordic liquid iron supplement, BlueIron, is set for a refreshed look and big ambitions under a new distribution agreement.

Lanes Health, the family-owned business known for its passion and expertise in manufacturing and supplying natural and herbal remedies, has acquired the distribution rights for the Finnish brand. As part of the deal, Lanes Health has been working to refresh the packaging and website, as well as developing a robust marketing campaign involving advertising, digital, social media, PR and influencer relations.

A liquid iron supplement formulated with Nordic blueberries, BlueIron provides iron which is highly bioavailable and fast working. With the added benefit of a patented micro-encapsulated form of iron, it is easily absorbed and gentle on the stomach.

Iron is an essential mineral used by our bodies for many health benefits, it is important for making red blood cells, transporting oxygen around the body, supporting energy metabolism, maintaining cognitive function and reducing tiredness and fatigue. BlueIron provides the full recommended reference intake of iron for renewed energy*,  focus and natural vitality.

Every single bottle of BlueIron contains added vitamins combined with the Nordic blueberry concentrate for a great flavour, avoiding the unpleasant taste and side-effects often associated with other iron products. It is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and includes no artificial colours.

BlueIron Brand Manager, Claire Campbell, said:

“We’re delighted to welcome BlueIron to our portfolio of brands. We are committed to giving BlueIron a renewed focus in the health food market, reintroducing the brand to independent retailers and health fans nationwide. With its strong efficacy, BlueIron not only gives consumers the daily dose of iron needed to maintain the natural formation of haemoglobin and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, but its patented formula means it’s easy to absorb and gentle on the stomach, plus it tastes great.”

BlueIron will make a strong addition to health food stores existing vitamin and supplement category. For more information or to stock BlueIron, please contact Lanes Health on 01452 507458.

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