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olb_pack.jpgThe Tulip Factory at Peckham has launched The Original London Banger, a quality pork sausage set to take the capital by storm. With 72% British meat, The Original London Banger is packed full of flavour and is sure to be a serious contender in the sausage category. Aimed at Londoners who are looking for an everyday sausage with character, the Original London Banger will be the first uniquely London sausage. Made using ingredients that were originally shipped into the docks of London in the sixteenth century, the Bangers are made with British meat and a mix of spices and are perfect for consumers looking for a tastier sausage with local character.

Initially offered as packets of Thick 8s, there are plans for extending the brand to include a whole range of sausage variants. Competitively priced and supported by a heavyweight advertising and marketing campaign, The Original London Banger comes in bright, attractive packaging and should certainly make a splash this autumn.

Kath Norton, Brand Manager, said: “As the first uniquely London sausage, the Original London Banger is well-placed to succeed in the capital. It’s designed for customers who are not just looking for a tasty, meaty sausage but also want a product with some personality. A quality product with tailored support, this is a sausage to send sales soaring and is sure to swiftly become a household name.”

For more information, please visit and leave your details.

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