METRIC, UK Distributor for Glory Global Solutions, provides cash management solutions for wholesalers. Glory are the renowned world leaders in the management of cash and offer a range of products to suit businesses large and small.


One of the main concerns for wholesalers is the growing problem of counterfeit banknotes in circulation in the UK, with almost half a million banknotes identified as counterfeit in 2014 to a value of £8.1million. METRIC can offer a solution to this problem as Glory offers best-in-class protection against forgery.

Every day, thousands of businesses rely on the Glory GFS for banknote counting due to its efficient performance and forgery detection capabilities. Approved by the Bank of England, the GFS-100 series offers a level of authentication that is best-in-class for point-of-sale applications, and provides one of the best front line forgery protection solutions on the market.  For wholesalers this means protecting your business from counterfeit notes at the time of purchase. The GFS also offers the time-saving ‘Mixed Mode’ feature, this allows the cashier to place mixed denomination banknotes into the GFS for sorting, authentication and counting. This reduces transaction time and improves the customer experience.

With 170 machines across 63 stores nationwide, Bestway and Batleys, one of the largest wholesalers in the UK, trust the GFS-100 at their cash desks to protect their business from counterfeit notes.

For end of day reconciliations, the USF banknote sorter series provides wholesalers with a robust solution for quick and accurate counting and sorting large volumes of banknotes with the added benefit of fitness sorting. Fitness sorting allows businesses with ATMs to be able to recycle cash internally in order to replenish the ATM. This reduces CIT costs as less cash is collected from the store and there is no need for a third party to replenish the ATM.  From 2016, the Bank of England has changed its Code of Conduct so that for businesses wishing to replenish their ATMs, must pass banknotes through a Bank of England approved machine for fitness sorting. All of Glory’s Banknote Sorters are Bank of England approved.

For complete secure end-to-end cash management solutions, wholesalers need to look no further than the CASHINFINITY™ system. The system comprises of the CI-10 compact cash recycling system which accepts cash from and provides change to customers at the checkout; the CI-100 cash recycling system which reconciles day sales and prepares change fund in the back office, and the CI-SERVER, cash management system software which consolidates the front and back end devices.

Cooksmill Ltd were the first wholesaler in the UK to install the CASHINFINITY™ system into its Manchester depot. Cooksmill were looking for a system that was customer-centric, simple and easy to use. Steve McVey from Cooksmill, says “When we looked at the Glory system it was the ideal solution to fit our concept”.

The sleek design of the CI-10 allows it to integrate into the point of sale area. Cashiers are no longer responsible for handling cash as the onus is on the customer to insert the notes and coins into the machine, meaning no discrepancies, no counterfeit notes and no internal theft. The CI-10 will also automatically dispense the customers change allowing the cashier to focus on delivering great customer service. “The main benefits that we saw were that the change management was very simple and effective, leaving the duty manager free to help customers at point-of-sale, and also the changeover of cashiers was very simple because of the cash drawer system,” says McVey.

At the end of the day, the CI-10 automatically calculates and saves the change fund for the next day, while the day’s sales are transferred to the collection cassette. The cassette enables secure closed cash management as it fits directly into the CI-100, where the cash is then reconciled. McVey believes the CASHINFINITY™ system has been a revelation in optimising end of day processes, “The system has revolutionised our duty manager’s time both during trading hours and at end of day where we save in the region of 30 minutes.”

The CI-100 not only interfaces with the cassette from the CI-10 but also the loose notes of a manual cash drawer. This unique function gives retailers flexibility and extensibility. The CI-SERVER is the secure cash management software; as it is browser-based means that it can be accessed via a PC or tablet device. The centralised management system allows for real-time updates as both the CI-10 and CI-100 communicate their events and inventory to the server; the system also generates user friendly reports.

The CASHINFINITY™ system is the complete solution for wholesalers who want a secure, intuitive and flexible cash management system. METRIC’s expert cash management team can guide you through the most effective solution for your business.

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