100g-Bar-Milk-Choc-CovBelgian Milk Chocolate ‘Extra Covered’ Toffee and “Luxury” Fruit and Nut Toffee are the 2 new additions to the Iconic Andy Pack 100g bar range.

The Andy Pack 100g bar is a flagship product for England’s finest speciality toffee maker. Current favourites include Original, Brazil Nut and Liquorice. Walkers wanted to extend the range and so improved the Chocolate Covered and Fruit and Nut recipes and have new modern bright wrappers.

The new Chocolate Covered Toffee has a double coating of thick Belgian chocolate and is a generous 18% of the total weight. Emma Walker comments, “This is a perfect combination of original creamy toffee made with whole milk and butter smothered in thick milk chocolate, it’s really indulgent!”

The Fruit and Nut Toffee Bar is packed with brazil nuts, raisins, and walnuts, improving the texture and taste. A combination of creamy indulgent toffee and a healthy fruit and nut mix.

100g-Bar-Fruit-&-NutBefore eating the toffee bars it is essential to break the bar whilst still in its wrapper and then open it. This ensures you can break the bar into segments easily without any mess or waste.

Bars come in a traditional tin tray with 10 bars per tray.

Walkers are renowned for making quality toffee with really good ingredients. Little has changed in this unique recipe since its humble beginning and there are no artificial colours, preservatives or hydrogenated vegetable oils.

For further information on Walkers’ Nonsuch and its complete range of speciality toffee products, please call 01782 321525 or visit their website at www.walkers-nonsuch.co.uk

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