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Leading chilled soup brand New Covent Garden is appealing to consumers’ renewed interest in all things British by launching a new range of vintage-style soups.

The Great British Recipes range comprises four soups which feature traditional British ingredients including elderflower and lovage.

“2012 is a proud year for Britain and consumers are looking to celebrate their heritage in any way possible – including the food they eat,” says Group Marketing Director Nigel Parrott. “The Great British Recipes range showcases the wealth of natural assets our country has to offer, including some timeless ingredients which many consumers may have forgotten about or never even tasted.”

The range comprises four variants – Garden Pea, Rocket & Lovage; Parsnip, Apple & Elderflower; Vintage Cheddar & Piccalilli and Beetroot & Horseradish.

“The recipes have a ‘vintage’ quality which will appeal to consumers’ appreciation for tradition and fondness for the past,” says Parrott. “Their colourful pack design which features a Union Jack outline will have real stand-out on shelf and is set to attract consumers’ attention to the soup fixture.”

The Great British Recipes soups are available in outers of six, with an RRP of £2.20.

New Covent Garden

Trade enquiries: 0113 248 0606

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