As one of the UK’s fastest-growing water brands, Saka Natural Mineral Water is building a growing reputation as the healthy water brand of choice. It is therefore a great pleasure to announce the introduction of Saka Kids! the newest addition to the Saka range and a must for any child’s lunchbox or backpack… to become an everyday essential.


Saka Kids! is the same healthy alkaline-rich Saka water with a naturally occurring 8.22pH balance, but in a handy 330ml soft-touch 100% recyclable bottle with a bespoke ‘kids’ design label and distinctive yellow sports cap.

We also like to introduce SOL, the cute new Saka butterfly character. SOL will be an integral part of Saka Kids! and aims to enhance its appeal to children and parents in order to encourage a healthy water drinking experience in reference over fizzy, sugary alternatives, and a must to keep kids healthy and hydrated.

Activate a Healthier Lifestyle…

In difference to many mineral waters, that are acidic in composition, alkaline-rich Saka provides an even healthier choice to consumers. Alkaline water is considered to be the healthier water option as it has a greater concentration of oxygen and is known to actively remove harmful toxins from the body. It also helps mitigate the effects of consuming foods and drinks that cause acidic waste to build up in the body.

With essential minerals and nutrients naturally present in Saka, such as magnesium and calcium, its alkaline-rich properties facilitate fast absorption of these vital elements leading to a healthier body.

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As the benchmark in purity, Saka is sourced from a protected and remote underground aquifer deep in the heart of Koruglu Mountains, giving Saka its distinctive smooth taste, alkaline-rich properties and naturally balanced mineral composition. Its purity of source, quality and natural mineral content are officially recognised by the SGS Fresenius Institute which ensures compliances with set European Directives.

As part of our mission to communicate a positive health message and reinforce the importance of drinking alkaline water for good health and well-being, we continue to support sporting bodies, organisations and teams, as well as individual endeavours and sporting events across the UK.

Already long-term sponsors of Sports Aid, who support the future of British Sport; Saka builds on a heritage of supporting British Athletics, Volleyball England and British Basketball among others. Saka is also now the water brand of choice of Premiership football’s Fulham FC and Premiership rugby giants London Irish RFC and again British Athletics, who have realised its pure waters keep their players and athletes hydrated and refreshed as part of their aim to make them more alert and responsive in highly competitive, physically demanding sports.

However, Saka does more than deliver a healthy lifestyle option as it also delivers a unique, smooth and pure naturally refreshing taste experience, which has won back-to-back iTQi Superior Taste Awards.

Due to its alkaline pH value of 8.22, Saka is ideal for maintaining an active lifestyle and general wellbeing. This drives Saka’s ethos of promoting active living, family and health, through community engagement. By actively building relationships with the support of local and national charities, teams, and organisations who also share this philosophy, Saka is able to invest back into the community.

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