Nisa retailers have raised £150,000 for local causes to date with Making a Difference Locally collecting tins sited in their stores.

The milestone figure has been raised via more than 1,100 tins in partner stores across the UK over the last five years, for retailers to donate to a local good cause of their choice through Nisa’s charity.

Making a Difference Locally collecting tins were launched in April 2017 and allow Nisa partners to accumulate additional money into their MADL fund; in turn enabling them to provide further support to their local communities. Across all income streams, the charity has raised more than £14m to date, with over 16,000 donations made to UK good causes over the last 14 years.

Kate Carroll, Nisa’s Head of Charity, said: “MADL collecting tins are a simple and effective way for our retailers to raise additional funds for their communities, which can equate to one or more extra donations over the course of a year or larger donations for the causes they care about.

“We’re delighted that our partners and their customers have raised such a significant amount for local charities and other good causes, and it just goes to show how even small change all adds up and can make a real difference for local communities.”

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