Electronic cigarettes company One-Lite – owned and developed by a team of doctors – has announced a major deal with a leading chain of convenience stores and cash and carry depots in Scotland.

One-Lite---Ego-in-box-8.14One-Lite’s range of high quality e-cigarettes, e-liquids and e-shisha will be stocked at United Wholesale (Scotland) 250 Day-Today and 50 U-Save stores and distributed through its two wholesale depots.

The deal is a major breakthrough for the new brand and opens up a huge new potential market for its products in cities north of the border, particularly Glasgow, said One-Lite director Dr Aman Singh.

United Wholesale (Scotland) is Scotland’s leading wholesale cash and carry business selling food, drink and tobacco goods to independent retailers, caterers, pubs and clubs. It has two state of the art depots located within Glasgow, with plans in place to further expand across Scotland.

Day-Today Controller Naeem Khaliq said: “We understand that our future depends absolutely on our customers’ success. Therefore, we endeavour to continuously ensure that we are offering customers the very best opportunity to run a better business with the best products, services and advice.

“That’s why we have agreed to stock One-Lite’s high quality range of e-cigarettes and e-liquids. Their products have been developed by an experienced team of doctors and are produced here in the UK using the best quality ingredients, and that is what we think will appeal to retailers and their customers.”

Millions of smokers in the UK and across the world are switching to electronic cigarettes, which contain none of the 4,000 toxins and carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes that cause lung cancer and other deadly illnesses.

E-cigarette companies, including One Lite, believe the reduction in tobacco usage will have an enormous beneficial effect on the health of millions of smokers and substantially reduce the strain on the National Health Service.

Dr Aman Singh, director of Birmingham-based One Lite, said: “We are excited at the prospect of making major in-roads into the e-cigarette market in Scotland. We firmly believe that our new deal with United Wholesale will prove to be the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership.

“Here at One Lite, we’re proud that ours is the only e-cigarette developed with doctors. We differ from other brands by ensuring our products are produced within our UK-based laboratories using only pharmaceutical grade nicotine and food grade flavouring. Each and every batch is fully tested for quality and purity to ensure it meets our standards prior to it being signed off and released for consumer use.

“By offering a range of strengths and flavours to customers at Day-Today and U-Save stores we can help to wean smokers in Scotland off the habit and their addiction to nicotine.”

Dr Singh is a fully qualified medical doctor whose brother Dr Gurdeep Singh, a GP, is also a director of the company. They have seen first-hand the severe health consequences of smoking tobacco.


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