Leading crate rental company Pluscrates has introduced nationwide short-term rental contracts to help retailers and wholesalers cope with seasonal spikes in demand for Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP).  Many retailers and wholesalers have switched to RTP in recent years in preference to conventional one-trip cardboard packaging, but problems often arise when their own stocks are insufficient to meet periods of high retail and wholesale activity, such as Christmas.

Pluscrates’ Managing Director John Mitchell said, “Retailers, wholesalers and distribution companies are increasingly moving towards RTP because they get a good return on investment compared to one-trip packaging plus it’s environmentally friendly. But they don’t get a good ROI when they need RTP for relatively short periods of time. We are set up to fill that gap – the spike demands for RTP in the retail and wholesale sector fit well around the spikes in demand for RTP in our core market: commercial relocation.”

Pluscrates’ range comprises lidded containers/totes with the popular 600mm x 400mm footprint with capacity options of 54 and 64 litres. Standard 80 litre lidded containers used in the company’s core commercial relocation business are now also available on short-term rental to retail and wholesale customers.  The durable die-cast crates offer these businesses greater stock security, increased protection in transit and eliminate disposal costs.

Pluscrates is Britain’s fastest growing crate rental company with depots in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Livingstone.

Pluscrates Ltd

John Mitchell

Tel: 020 8900 0321

Email: JohnM@pluscrates.com


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