65-6R. H. Amar to Serve up All-Round Support for BBQs this summer R. H. Amar & Co Ltd, the UK’s leading importer and distributor of ambient fine foods, unveils its premium range of sauces, marinades, salad dressings and antipasti to make your BBQ go with a bang this summer.

In the last three years the barbeque market has shown a healthy growth reaching a value of £1.7bn in 2010* with 2 out of 3 adults eating BBQ-cooked food last summer, accounting for a total of 120m* BBQ meal occasions. Significantly, half* of these adults identified an opportunity for better quality, more inspired BBQ dishes, and a desire to move away from the standard BBQ platter of sausages and burgers.

For 2011 R. H. Amar offers up a complete range of quality BBQ solutions to make outdoor dining effortless, elegant and exciting this summer.

Kick off your BBQ with tantalizing hors d’œuvre from R. H. Amar’s COOKS&CO mezze range including stuffed vine leaves, olives and red peppers stuffed with feta cheese. Then move on to sizzling sauces and marinades from Budweiser for main course meats or perhaps try out Nando’s more exotic seasoning rubs on lighter option fish or chicken dishes. And for a refreshing accompaniment, spruce up your salads with an extensive range of salad dressings to choose from including Mary Berry, Pizza Express and Cardini. Then for the icing on the cake, serve up a freshly baked easy 3-step cake from Mary Berry’s sumptuous double chocolate fudge, lemon drizzle and luxury carrot cake mixes.
Budweiser Sauces and Marinades

Budweiser, one of the world’s best-known beer brands, has launched a Budweiser Steak Sauce to complement its existing range of genuine Budweiser beer based BBQ sauces for 2011. Containing between 5 to 14% of genuine Budweiser beer to whet your taste buds, the range includes BBQ Sauce, Smoked BBQ Sauce, Honey BBQ Sauce, Marinade Sauce and Mild and Tangy Wing Sauce.

NANDO’s Sauces, Marinades and Seasoning Rubs
With a strong restaurant presence of over 200 outlets in the UK, Nando’s exciting range of spicy sauces, marinades and seasoning rubs make a very popular choice for shoppers who want the full Portuguese dining experience at home. Their BBQ Lemon and Herb and Hot Peri-Peri seasoning rubs make an effortless, but impressive way to add a spicy zing to chicken wings, fish or meat steaks for the barbeque this summer.

Cardini Salad Dressings for an Authentic
All-American Barbeque Cardini has now overtaken Kraft to become the number six dressing brand by sales value in the UK. The ‘Original’ Caesar dressing was created by Caesar Cardini himself in 1924 when he also came up with the legendary, eponymous Caesar dressing. Cardini’s range of Original Caesar, Light Caesar, Ranch and Italian premium salad dressings offer an impressive way to recreate that genuine American flavour.

Mary Berry Dressings, Sauces and Condiments
Mary Berry’s extensive range of premium salad dressings, sauces and condiments are perfect for Al Fresco dining. All made from traditional family recipes and to Mary’s exacting standards they contain only top quality ingredients, including free-range eggs. Furthermore they are GM free, 100% vegetarian, and contain no artificial flavourings or preservatives. Mary chutney’s are the perfect complement to traditional sausages and burger, and her Bearnaise, Horseradish and Hollandaise sauces make an ideal accompaniment to BBQ steaks.

Meica Mini Wini German Sausages
Meica offer authentic high quality Frankfurters, Bockwurst & Cocktail Sausages. Containing just quality meat they are free from any mechanically recovered meat, colourings, stabilisers or fillers. Meica sausages are smoked over beechwood to give them their unique flavour, and are a great for fussy youngsters who want tasty sausages.

COOKS&CO Appetizers COOKS&CO offers top quality olives and antipasti from the Mediterranean that are guaranteed to whet guests’ appetites while they wait for the BBQ to warm up. Their succulent green olives stuffed with a range of fillings including Feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, Jalapeño Peppers and their vine leaves stuffed with rice are an unbeatable BBQ appetizer.

And for the perfect dessert serve up Mary Berry Cake Mixes
Mary Berry’s premium cake mixes are available in three tantalizing flavours including Lemon Drizzle, Luxury Carrot Cake and Double Chocolate Fudge. Mary’s appearance as cake judge in the autumn 2010 programme, ‘The Great British Bake Off’, a quest to find the UK’s best amateur ‘baker’, has affirmed her as the Face of British Baking. And her cake mixes are testament to her baking skills, delivering up the full fresh-out-of-the-oven taste experience in three simple steps. Indulge your guest with an easy to prepare post BBQ dessert that’s GM, additive and preservative free.

For more information please visit www.rhamar.com or telephone 01494 530200.

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