Flexi Narrow Aisle – designer and manufacturer of the Flexi AC range of articulated forklift trucks – has announced the availability of a collection of completely remanufactured ‘second life’ Flexi articulated trucks, the Flexi ECO AC range.


Flexi ECO AC trucks feature all new component parts –only the truck chassis, four counterweights and heavy fabrications are re-used, and these components are tested and repainted to the highest standards at Flexi’s UK manufacturing plant.

Because the heavy steel and cast-iron parts used in their construction are recycled, the trucks deliver obvious environmental benefits. They offer price advantages too.

Flexi ECO AC models come with an identical warranty but cost some 30 per cent less than an equivalent all-new model.

Flexi ECO AC trucks are available through Flexi Narrow Aisle and authorised distributors only.

Used Flexi’s that are selected to undergo the ECO AC ‘makeover’ process are completely stripped down. All original parts are graded and either disposed of or reworked for onward sale to the global spare parts market.

All the cast-iron and steel components of the truck are assessed and tested to ensure that they are perfect for re-use.

Once passed fit for re-use, the iron and steel body parts are cleaned and repainted before joining the Flexi ECO AC production line where all-new componentry – pumps, motors and all hydraulic parts and even the latest Zapi AC motor technology – is introduced.

John Maguire, Flexi Narrow Aisle’s sales and marketing director, commented: “The UK material handling market is in many ways unique in that some 80 per cent of all equipment is contract hired for a fixed period, often over 5 or 7 years and including a comprehensive maintenance package.”

Flexi Narrow Aisle


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