• Accolade Wines takes on 55 vehicle-mounted and 30 handheld mobile computers alongside renewal of its forklift fleet


• Operates a 650,000 sq. ft., 85,000-pallet operation plus three bottling lines Renovotec the UK’s fastest growing rugged hardware provider for warehousing and distribution, retail and manufacturing companies has replaced the entire complement of rugged hardware in Accolade Wines’ 650,000 square feet, 85,000- pallet capacity operation – Europe’s largest bonded warehouse – with 55 Honeywell Thor VM1 truck-mounted and 30 Honeywell Tecton handheld mobile computers.

Accolade Wines also operates a three-line bottling plant on the same site, where handheld devices are used to scan stock on and off the line.

Accolade Wines’ 24/7 operation employs over 500 people on its site, which has 250 truck movements per day.

“The new kit is much easier to handle” says Senior Inventory Manager Alex McGregor. “We have had a lot of good feedback from the guys on the floor.”

“We needed reliable, robust hardware at keen prices, which Renovotec was able to provide” Alex McGregor adds.

Accolade Wines’ rugged hardware upgrade is a key element of its general expansion, which has included the installation of a third bottling line. The company now produces one million bottles per day.


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