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As the winter months approach and the common cold begins to pop up around offices, school gates and homes, Swiss wellbeing brand, Ricola is launching a Soothe & Clear range set to shake up the UK medicated confectionery market.

The delicious new range of throat soothing lozenges contain the famous Ricola 13-herb extract in combination with natural ingredients such as Fair-Trade honey, lemon juice, echinacea and natural menthol. According to research conducted by Ricola, almost half of medicated confectionery shoppers surveyed admitted that they ‘struggle to find throat sweets that appeal to them’.

Rebecca Collison, Senior Marketing Manager for Ricola said: “The range of medicated confectionery products stocked by retailers has remained largely unchanged for the past 20 years, so it’s no surprise that shoppers are telling us that they are struggling to find throat soothing products that appeal to them. Consumers nowadays prefer a more natural approach to health and wellbeing, but the shelves aren’t reflecting this.”

The medicated confectionery category is worth over £100m annually, more than twice the size of the market for pharyngeal (licensed throatcare) products, so it’s a significant opportunity for retailers. When you consider that around one in two of us will experience some form of minor throat irritation over the course of a year, it’s a high value, high footfall category that is often relegated to the bottom shelf.

Rebecca Collison added: “Consumers told us that they are ready for something new and the positive response they have given to the Ricola Soothe & Clear range so far is really encouraging”.

For more information about the range and stockists, please contact the team at Ricola

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