Sleaford Quality Foods (SQF), cross-category supplier of multiple packaged foods to the manufacturing and foodservice sector, says it is responding to an “evolving” landscape when it comes to eating habits and dietary requirements as part of a wide-ranging commitment to sustainability.

The move comes after the successful launch earlier this year of SQF’s Our Earth range of on-trend products including gluten-free, dairy-free, palm oil-free, vegan, Halal and Kosher diet suitable options.

SQF’s Head of Innovation says the drive towards a more sustainable product rangec omes after a comprehensive research and development programme.

Tracey Siddy said: “We know consumers’ eating habits are evolving and we want our products to be both versatile and capable of meeting this evolution. The Our Earth range is just the start, however, and we are looking to continue our work in the sustainable sphere into 2020.

“As aresult of this ambition, SQF is looking to deliver products to caterers so that they can offer multiple versions of the same product. The initial Our Earth product range includes Gravy mixes, Bouillons, Stuffings, Yorkshire Pudding mixes and Jelly crystals.

Tracey added: “Sustainability – whether it’s in packaging, transparency or human welfare within the industry – is very important to us as well as being a challenge, in that everyone wants to have the best and most sustainable product.

“At thesame time, margins are getting squeezed, so people aren’t necessarily wanting to pay extra for that offering.”

“We’re also tackling salt and sugar reduction, to help the fight against obesity anddiseases such as type 2 diabetes which are not only taking their toll on thehealth of the population, but also the economy.”

SQF hasmade a substantial investment this year and map all ingredients back to theiroriginal source. Its parent company, Jain Farm Fresh, afford the company a hugeadvantage with their world class state-of-the-art facility in India.

“In terms of tracing, we can go beyond the farmer and go all the way back to plantsand seeds, added Tracey.

“We currently work with more than 8,000 contract farmers and constantly expanding the rangeof ingredients that we manufacture.”

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