Stella-Artois-Christmas_15-x-284mlStella Artois, first brewed in Leuven as a Christmas beer, is celebrating its festive heritage and pioneering sprit with a stunning new Christmas TV ad campaign and eye-catching seasonal packaging, which launched in November.

A limited edition Stella Artois 750ml ‘champagne-style’ festive bottle featuring an embossed Christmas star, which is brewed and packed in Belgium, has also been available from October.

James Watson, Marketing Director Stella Artois, Western Europe says: “We are celebrating Stella Artois’ unique festive heritage and tapping into shoppers’ Christmas spirit by marking the fact that Stella Artois was first brewed in Leuven, Belgium as a Christmas beer.

“This year’s festive campaign will generate huge sales momentum for Stella Artois – the UK’s no. 1 alcohol drink – making it the brand of choice for consumers during the lead up to Christmas, which is the year’s biggest sales period for beer,” explains Watson. The striking gold, white and red festive packaging design gives the Stella Artois Christmas star pride of place and bears the message ‘Originally crafted for Christmas’.

The festive packaging is available to off trade retailers in 15 x 284ml NRBs, 18 x284ml NRBs and 8 x 440ml cans in price marked packs. The Christmas design has been available in limited quantities throughout November and December.

The stand-out seasonal packaging is supported with an integrated above-the-line campaign including a stylish new Christmas TV commercial and a digital campaign reflecting the same traditional theme and message.

The TV ad has been screened throughout November and December and viewed at least once by an estimated 4.5 million men aged 18 – 35, the brand’s key target audience, helping boost awareness and encouraging more people to add it to their weekly shopping basket.

Stella Artois was first created as a Christmas beer. A golden lager in contrast to the popular dark ales at the time, it was named after its brilliant amber colour. Stella, Latin for star, refers to the brightly shining Christmas star. `Artois` acknowledges Sebastian Artois the master brewer and owner of the brewery.

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