still_dieselstapler_rx_70-16_imau__eneinsatz_lkw-beladung_04STILL GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, has announced the launch of a totally new forklift truck – the RX 70 diesel and LP gas truck in capacities of 1.6 to 2.0 tonnes.

The new STILL RX 70-16/18/20 series of diesel and LP gas counterbalance forklift trucks, available with load capacities of 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 tonnes capacities respectively, set new industry standards for efficiency and environmental responsibility. In accordance with new VDI 2198 guidelines (60 work cycles per hour), these latest additions to the RX 70 line-up consume just 2.0 litres of diesel per hour. This not only makes the RX 70 the best in its class, but the best in the world – no other forklift truck consumes less!

The new truck is also the first diesel or LP gas truck available with STILL’s latest energy saving innovation, Blue-Q. This important new feature allows the driver to make a positive choice towards reduced energy consumption. By switching Blue-Q on, the already low energy consumption can be improved by up to 10%. Saving just one litre of fuel per hour compared to a competitor’s truck can result in savings of approximately €5,000 per truck over a five year period (€1 litre x 1,000 operating hours per annum x 5 years).

Efficient drive

The truck’s low energy consumption is the result of several developments. The diesel-electric (or LP gas-electric) drive system uses hybrid technology and consists of an internal combustion engine that drives a generator. The generated electricity is used to power the truck via an intelligent control unit. As the power generated is transmitted by electro-magnetic force, there are essentially no wearing parts, thus servicing costs and fuel use are reduced.

The characteristics of the VW engine and the duel circuit hydraulic pump also help to reduce consumption, as does the intelligent drive management: The RX 70 lowers the speed of the internal combustion engine to the most economic level, ready to accelerate when needed. This is similar to an overdrive in a passenger car and gives the same positive effect – lower fuel consumption and noise levels.

For tough operation in tight spaces

The new RX 70-16/18/20 range of trucks offers the most compact dimensions in its class.  Being agile and highly manoeuvrable, the truck is ideally suited to demanding intralogistics tasks where space is at a premium – when unloading trailers, for example.

The RX 70 can be individually adapted to the requirements of different industries. Whether it is to be used in the building supplies trade, freight forwarders or in the warehouse, the new truck is equally at home in any environment.

Thanks to its encapsulated drive components, maintenance-free brakes, a hydraulic cooling fan and large radiator, the new truck will get to grips with the task in hand regardless of whether the conditions are cold, humid, dirty or dusty.

STILL has also improved maintenance schedules, extending them from 500 hours to 1,000 hours. Engine oil and oil filters only need to be exchanged half as often and the electric braking is totally wear-free. Altogether, maintenance costs and downtime have both been significantly reduced.

Greater safety – the perfect view

The RX 70 has been designed to provide excellent all round visibility. In visibility tests conducted to ADAC guidelines (ADAC is Europe’s largest automobile club, Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.), STILL’s RX 70 beat the competition to finish best in class. And it’s easy to see why: the front screen reaches very low down while the controls have been laid out to allow an uninterrupted view onto the fork tips and road ahead. The overhead guard unit has slim profiles, large roof windows and safety glass to ensure an excellent view to the raised load and to the top levels of racking. It also comes with a steeply raked counterweight for compact dimensions and a very good view to the rear.

The right partner for all materials handling tasks

The new RX 70 is an ideal partner for all materials handling tasks where high turnover performance is required. Drivers are able to work quickly and safely thanks to class-leading ergonomics. Take the new ‘mini levers’ used for controlling hydraulic functions, for example. Here, drivers can control the lift, tilt, side shift and drive direction, all from levers integrated into the armrest – even whilst wearing gloves.

Five individually programmable drive programmes are available for the driver to choose from. These provide greater flexibility and allow the truck to better adapt to its surroundings. For example, one programme may allow the driver to accelerate fast to a top speed of over 20 kph; another might restrict top speed to 5 kph for use inside the warehouse. A cruise control is available as an option, allowing drivers to relax during medium to long distance travel.

Built in driver comfort

Driver comfort is not a luxury, but a prerequisite for fast and accurate materials handling. For this reason STILL makes sure drivers will be comfortable throughout even the longest shift periods.
The user friendly and spacious cabin is suspension mounted to reduce vibrations. The driver’s seat is also damped and can be adjusted to his or her weight. Even the position of the steering wheel has been considered, being placed slightly left of centre for more comfortable operation. All this equates to one thing – fatigue-free driving enjoyment.

As with all new STILL models the new RX 70 follows a modular design principle so that all application requirements can be fulfilled on a common basis. This doesn’t just cover different engine types and load capacities, but also masts of different types and lift heights, cabin and electrical equipment as well.

Optional cabin equipment such as heating, different seat variants and a radio/CD player can be ordered to enhance driver enjoyment.

STILL Materials Handling Ltd
Tel: 01772 644300

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