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  • Strongbow, Britain’s favourite cider[1], has launched a new TVC and ATL campaign
  • The first in a series of adverts celebrating local heroes and the great British pub 

  • Watch the 60 second TVC now HERE

Airing tonight, Strongbow – Britain’s favourite cider[2] – has launched a brand new TVC, centered around real pubs and real people, as part of a wider ATL campaign.

Two friends passionately perform the 80s classic  ‘Together in Electric Dreams’, and the powerful one minute spot builds to a spine-tingling crescendo as the locals all join in with the pub band’s rendition of the classic tune.

Set in the North of England, the 60-second advert showcases two real life musicians, Rob Waters and Chris Kinley, playing for locals. The heart-warming, moment of real, local heroes providing enjoyment to Strongbow drinkers illustrates Britain’s unique pub culture and its sense of togetherness.

The ad ends with the familiar sound of the Strongbow arrows hitting the bar and the line ‘Refreshing People since 1960’.  And for the first time, the campaign features all three Strongbow ciders – Original, the biggest cider in the UK; Strongbow Dark Fruit, launched just five years ago and already a cultural phenomenon and second biggest cider in the UK; and Strongbow Cloudy Apple – the premium, crisp and sweeter cider of the family.

Emma Sherwood-Smith, cider director at HEINEKEN says: “Strongbow has always been famous for its iconic advertising reflecting the brand’s strong roots in the Great British pub.  This is the first in a series of adverts where we’ll see local heroes celebrated. These are the people who bring us all together in pubs up and down the country, over a pint of Strongbow and make us feel united and proud.”

As a pioneer of cider, the Strongbow brand has 27% market share of the cider market with Strongbow Original and Strongbow Dark Fruit being the UK’s no.1 and no.2 top selling ciders.[1]

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[2] CGA Strategy 52 w/e 26 January 2019

[1] Nielsen Total Coverage Sales Value Data at 23.02.19

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