With the focus on carbon emission reduction growing rapidly, along with an increased passion to promote sustainability within the sector and beyond, Sugro has taken a forward-thinking approach to offsetting their carbon emissions for their recent successful convention in Dubai.

Working with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests, the Sugro team were able to calculate the carbon cost of hosting this event, which then enabled them to plant over 300 trees to offset this calculated carbon cost; by funding the planting of native tree species within rural Somerset, the Sugro team have ensured that they are also playing an active role in preserving biodiversity within the UK.

Managing Director, Neil Turton commented “Events that are ‘special’ are part of Sugro’s unique culture to bring wholesalers and suppliers together. We are acutely aware of the need to be carbon and climate responsible and have measured the environments cost of this and event and reinvested into a physical, UK based, tree planting scheme to offset the carbon impact. We intend to do this for all future Sugro events outside the UK.“

Along with creating a positive impact on carbon emissions and the natural environment, the team at Creating Tomorrow’s Forest have also ensured that a conservation covenant will be applied to the areas where the trees have been planted, to guarantee the longevity of the scheme, which paves the way for Sugro to become further involved with the project for many of their future events.

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