The word ‘unprecedented’ has been overused this year but it really is apt. Sugro UK tried to make every effort to move back towards normality by hosting its first physical trade show and networking event, but the recent Government measures meant that Sugro had to change this to a virtual event at two weeks’ notice! Despite the challenges of that, Sugro UK Head Office Staff with the help of its Members and Supply Partners have worked really hard to put together a high quality virtual event which was described by many Attendees as the “best in class, professionally delivered industry event” which has received incredible positive feedback from both Members and Suppliers in the industry.

By partnering with one of the leading UK virtual conference platform providers, Sugro group was able to deliver their first ever Virtual Conference on the online platform which gave them the opportunity to bring Members and Suppliers together virtually by showcasing Sugro Members and Suppliers presentations and video interviews and hosting engaging panel discussions on the day. The conference which was virtually attended by over 250 delegates followed with a series of 1-to-1 virtual video networking meetings between Members and Suppliers with over 700 appointments taking place over a 3 day period.

The event received positive feedback from both Wholesalers and Suppliers saying:

“The conference was delivered with excellence and Sugro Team should all be very proud of what they achieved in such a short time and under challenging conditions….you would have thought it was planned like this from day one. Great content and speakers.”

“The virtual networking set up for meeting members was really useful for them and they were impressed with the virtual meeting room system – it was very slick and effective!”

“Monday’s conference was very professional and informative and worthwhile, the meetings over the last two days went without glitch and were also extremely professional but time ran out very quickly. Well done again to everyone involved.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and you should all be extremely proud of the conference. It was informative, discussional & (most importantly) relevant. I’ve had my fair few of digital events this year and this by far has been the best in its delivery and execution, whilst not forgetting the limited preparation time.”

“I just to say that the conference was brilliant. I know how much work went into it so wanted to show my appreciation – and I think I speak for all members and suppliers when I say it was a great alternative to the live conference!”

“Was very seamless and informative, big round of applause for everyone involved in outing this together. Was also great to see the panel and thoughts shared by members”

“Excellent, well done to Sugro for a great job in organising this virtual conference. Been very insightful.”

Yulia Petitt, Sugro Head of Trading and Marketing commented: “We have received some great feedback from our Members and Supply Partners. It is fantastic to see such a high level of attendance and participation between Sugro Wholesalers and our Supply Partners. As with everyone else in the world, we at Sugro had to adapt and do things differently this year and I am very pleased that we are doing it successfully. Covid19 has taught us that providing advanced solutions to help connect and network both Members and Suppliers is crucial to success in a rapidly transforming strategic environment. Sugro’ group performance has been remarkably strong in 2020 and I would like to thank our Members and Suppliers for all their support and participation in these unpredictable times.”

I must say, Shruti Senapati, Sugro Marketing Co-ordinator and Tabitha Hunter-Smale, Sugro Business Development Manager did an excellent job at co-ordinating, executing and hosting the virtual event.

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