sf_rich_jpg.jpgThe recent Speciality & Fine Food Fair was an outstanding show for SWEET FREEDOM®. This brand new all natural syrup sweetener, made 100% from fruit, provoked interest and enquiries from many retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and caterers alike. First and foremost a great tasting ‘foodie’ product, SWEET FREEDOM has the added bonus of having 25% less calories than sugar, a low GI and GL and is therefore suitable for diabetics as part of a healthy diet.  It has a very clean label – simply apples, grapes and carob – with no artificial additives and is GM free.  Better still it sweetens and tastes just like sugar.

Available in two varieties, MILD, which has a neutral sugar like taste, and RICH which has a lovely toffee-like taste, SWEET FREEDOM is a versatile, multi use product offering delicious natural sweetness.  Use it to sweeten all hot and cold drinks, on toast and pancakes, drizzle over porridge / cereals, make ‘no added sugar’ home made cakes, puddings, cheesecake and desserts, ice lollies, jams and chutneys, dressings, custards, sauces and marinades, smoothies, milkshakes… in short it performs really well in all general cooking and baking applications.

Tina Michelucci and Deborah Pyner, the co-founders of Diet Freedom Ltd, the company behind SWEET FREEDOM told Grocery Trader: “The reaction from the visitors to our stand at the show was beyond even our expectations.  Our retail and wholesale customers like the fact that SWEET FREEDOM is not just another great product, we also have a very popular healthy eating website (www.dietfreedom.co.uk) and four best selling books published by Harper Collins which provide an immediate marketing opportunity directly into a large and loyal consumer base who are already buying the product.”

www.sweetfreedom.co.uk, the brand website will soon provide a database of recipes using the product, stockist listings, and a regular newsletter offering joint promotional opportunities for all stockists and other customers.

In the very short time since launch, SWEET FREEDOM is already listed with four of the UK’s best known wholesalers, with further listings under discussion.

“Keep an eye on us, you will see SWEET FREEDOM appear on many shelves over the next few months, and it is definitely one of the HOT products to have in stock by January.  We are two very determined women who are passionate about good health and great food, and this fantastic natural sweetener is just the start.”

Diet Freedom Ltd. For further information contact Tina or Deborah on 020 7328 8490, sf@dietfreedom.co.uk. www.sweetfreedom.co.uk.

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