Dessert catering specialists, JM Posner, has announced the acquisition of Chocobel Wholesale. Supplying the independent trade for over 16 years, Chocobel specialises in the wholesale importation and distribution of liquorice, sugar free, no added sugar, sugar reduced, free from and vegan confectionary. Focussing on free-from British brands, JM Posner will also offer exclusive European products from the likes of deBron and Torras.

Justin Posner, Owner of JM Posner, is delighted with the latest acquisition:

“The free-from market is booming, and we are thrilled to have acquired Chocobel at a time where demand for sugar-free, gluten-free and plant-based confectionary has never been greater. Whether it’s for health or lifestyle reasons, consumers are increasingly on the lookout for guilt-free snacking opportunities, and retailers must recognise the opportunity to stock high-quality sugar-free, gluten-free, no added sugar and vegan products which create more profit than ordinary confectionary. That’s where Chocobel comes in!”

He continues: 

“Chocobel has become the market leader of confectionary wholesalers in the UK for sugar-free and no added sugar products thanks to the comprehensive selection of 1,000 confectionary lines, including around 300 different sugar free products. We will be stocking a wide variety of wholesale bulk confectionary including loose sweets, sugar-free chocolates, vegan jellies, jellybeans, fudge and liquorice. The vast majority of our products are not available in supermarkets, and as such, retailers can price the products as they wish without having to compete with supermarket prices.” 

Chocobel also offer bulk bags, boxes and other packaging materials to provide a complete wholesale confectionary solution.

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