sneaky-snacks-full-range.jpgSweet or savoury, there is something for every customer with Global Foods’ launch of Sneaky Snacks. Offering retailers a variety of impulse buy opportunities, the new premium range of snacks incorporates a mix of tasty bagged and individual treats to cater for all consumer tastes.

Available in 12 mouth-watering flavours, the new collection of single pack muffins is divided into coated and standard products such as Triple Chocolate Flavour with White Chocolate Flavour Coating, Caramel with Chocolate Flavour Coating, Blueberry, Lemon Flavoured and Sultana. Presented in a bespoke and eye-catching display case and with an RRP of 59p for standard muffins and 69p for coated muffins, they provide an ideal countertop selling opportunity.

In direct response to consumer demand, Sneaky Snacks is the first brand to offer all of its great tasting flapjacks in a smaller 75g size, alongside the standard 120g pack. 10 tasty flavours, including Chocolate Chip, Coconut and Cherry, Plain and Delicious and Toffee Flavour Coated, each provide more than 40% wholegrain rolled oats to create a delicious crumbly texture. RRPs are 59p for 120g and 39p for 75g.

For those who are looking to sell a snack to share, the 100g Premium Cinema Sweet Popcorn melts in the mouth the way traditional popcorn should with a subtle vanilla flavour, whilst the 50g Caramel Toffee Popcorn has a tasty 82% crunchy toffee coating in an individual product offering. The premium foil packaging ensures these delicious treats retain their freshness throughout their shelf life. RRPs are 95p for 100g and 50p for 50g.

The Sneaky Snacks Your Nuts range includes Premium Salted Peanuts, Premium Dry Roasted Peanuts and Premium Large Salted Cashews. Eyecatching and high quality foil packaging will create colour coded standout for the range, which is presented in packs of 24 on branded display card. RRPs are 50p for Salted Peanuts, 55p for Dry Roasted and 60p for Salted Cashews

Sneaky Snacks’ moreish Bacon Fries are fresh and crispy bites, made from the finest maize and rice flour to provide consumers with a tasty snack. Bombay Mix meanwhile, offers a taste sensation which blends mild spices with noodles, peanuts and yellow split peas for an extra kick. RSPs are 40p and 60p respectively. The high quality foil packaging immediately attracts customers, whilst retaining the premium taste of the product.

Asif Awan, Sales Director for Sneaky Snacks said: “We wanted to develop a collection of high quality products that caters for a range of consumer tastes and that is what we have done with Sneaky Snacks. We’ve had some fantastic feedback on the range and are excited about the possibilities.”

Global Food Supplies Ltd plans to support the Sneaky Snacks brand with a comprehensive consumer marketing campaign to drive sales across all sectors.

Sneaky Snacks
Tel: 01695 722723

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  1. David Lunn

    I’ve just purchased a Sneaky Snacks ‘Yankee Style’ Blueberry Muffin from our company vending machine. The strange thing the Muffin was completely bereft of Blueberries, in fact the nearest clue was a slight pinky coloured stain on the greaseproof wrapper, but inside the Muffin itself …… zilch, nothing, zero. I don’t want to go on about it but If anybody’s had Madeira cake, you know a very plain neutral taste, then this is what we had here. I think I’ve seen more blueberries in a Banana Yoghurt. No wonder they’re called Sneaky Snacks, I should have guessed. I notice they come from Skelmersdale, clearly a blueberry free zone.
    I can’t wait to try another of their products, it won’t be anything like what’s on the label. Sneaky Snacks is good, Surprise Snacks is even better. I’m definitely not having anything which says its got Marmite in, that’s for sure.

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