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Golden Wonder’s latest on-pack promotion, the “Great Golden Wonder Takeaway Giveaway”, will be rolling out across over 25 million packs of crisps and snacks from 1st April to 31st July. This year, Golden Wonder will team up with Deliveroo to give consumers the chance to win up to a year’s worth of free takeaways1.

Matt Smith, Marketing Director at Golden Wonder, said: “Our customers absolutely loved our 2019 ‘I Wonder’ on-pack promotion where we gave away nearly 5,000 ‘prize surprises’, helping Golden Wonder grow faster than the market (+5.5% vs +4.9%)2. This year’s campaign is going to be even bigger and better! We are thrilled to be teaming up with Deliveroo to present this fantastic prize offer, in what is their first on-pack partnership with a snack brand. Customers will have the chance to win free takeaways for up to a year with one winner chosen each day. And in 2020, we are extending the campaign with the promotion featuring on the best-selling packs across our Golden Wonder Crisps, Ringos, Transform?A?Snack and Saucers product ranges.”

Smith says, “We’re constantly striving to deliver what our customers want and this doesn’t just stop with our fully-flavoured range of snacks. To make sure our 2020 promotion engaged our customers and really grabbed their attention, we looked at current food trends. Takeaways are growing massively. 70% of UK adults agree that they would prefer the comfort of eating at home rather than dressing up to go out with 22% of consumers saying they have a takeaway at least weekly and 59% at least monthly3.”

“Deliveroo’s partner restaurants and takeaways grew to 15,000 in 2018 up 800% from 2015 and up 50% from 2017 4 – this trend has continued throughout 2019 and into 2020. We are confident that their wide choice of food options – including old favourites – as well as ‘free from’ and ‘healthy options’, will fantastically complement, and prove the perfect partnership to, our tasty range of crisps and snacks.”

The promotion is being supported across TV, cinema, online and social media.

See for details.

  1. Promotion opens on 1st April, closes 31st July. UK only, 18+. T&C’s apply. A year’s takeaways has been calculated at £780.00 and will be offered as credit with Deliveroo. People who are out-of-area will receive restaurant vouchers to the same value. See comfor details.
  2. IRI Market Place + KantarWorldPanel | Total GB |Total Crisps & Snacks | £ Value | 52 w/e 11-Aug-19 vs. 52 w/e 12-Aug-18
  3. Mintel reports: Eating Out Review December 2019and Attitudes towards Home Delivery and Takeaway Feb 2019
  4. Deliveroo source

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