Why California Raisins?

California Raisins are always of a high quality and consistency.  The reason for this is the vigorous quality inspections carried out in the USA, to comply with standards set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  The specifications of the buyer also contribute to the standards that California Raisin producers must meet.

California Raisins are quality graded according to the USDA standards:

Consistent moisture content

Graded consistent size

Flavour and flavour stability

General appearance


It’s because California Raisins are subjected to these quality control standards that they can always be relied upon to deliver a consistent quality product.


Flavour:  California Raisins, unhike many other types of dried fruit, are naturally sun dried.  This produces a rich, caramellised natural flavour, which is stable during storage and processing.

This natural flavour ensures ‘flavour compatibility’ with both sweet and savoury ingredients in recipes.  The careful and natural processing of the raisins also ensures ‘flavour purity’.

Colour:  The darker blue-brown colour of California raisins is a result of a naturally occurring reaction, called the ‘Maillard Reaction’, inside the drying grape. The intense heat of the Californa sun, : causes a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives the raisin its distinctive flavour. The colour is consistent and provides excellent contracts qualities in products.

Because the colour is produced naturally during the long, hot drying process, raisins are ‘colour stable’.  Their colour remains stable during cooking processes and heat treatment.


Natural wax platelets help the skins of California Raisins to remain intact, and preserve a succulent texture and plump appearance.

Practical Benefits

California Raisins perform well as a natural humectant, extending product freshness.

Increase the moisture content of a product without significantly increasing water activity.

Careful handling during cleaning and packing ensures their skins are not broken.  This allows a limited diffusion of moisture outside the raisins.


Few foods are as easy to use and as versatile as natural California Raisins.  California Raisins are a great snack or can add flavour to almost any recipe.  From their simple addition to a trail mix, their use as a filling, colourant and flavour enhancer, California raisins provide manufacturers with hundreds of unique applications in all product categories.

Breakfast Goods : High in fibre, carbohydrates and antioxidants, California Raisins are perfect for providing consumers with a healthy ingredient in pastries, cereal bars and similar breakfast goods.

Bakery : In baked goods, California Raisins add propionic acid, which acts as a natural preservative.  California Rains can extend the shelf life of baked goods and delay staling.  In the format of a paste California Raisin paste can also be used to replace fat in a variety of products by adding bulk, sweetness and texture.

Sauces/Condiments/Marinades : California Raisins are rich in tartaric acid, a natural flavour enhancer.  When used in sauces and condiments, California Raisins provide manufacturers with the ability to enhance the flavour of the spices used in sauces and bring out flavours in prepared meals.

Confections /Confectionery Fillings, Chocolate covered granola bars and fruit and nut clusters demonstrate the exceptional taste and function of California Raisins.  Their low water activity and pH make them stable ingredient with high sweetening properties.  California raisins are all-natural and compatible with a wide variety of flavours.

California Raisins



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