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Soreen is the ultimate tasty treat to fight the festive indulgence

The nation’s most loved Malt Loaf brand, Soreen, are raising awareness of the benefits of making a simple food swap – from a cake bar to a Soreen bar – for a healthier choice or swap this January.

Mark Simester, MD at Soreen said: “People don’t often realise that Soreen has always been a much healthier option within sweet snacking. For example, our original Lunchbox Loaves have less than half the sugar than an average cake bar and 86% less fat. It’s a healthier swap without compromising on taste, which is why it’s a hit with children and families.”

As consumers start their New Year health kick, Soreen ticks all the boxes making it a good choice for children and families, as well as the January health goers.

What better way to start the year now that schools are back than with Soreen’s Lunchbox Loaves, which all provide a healthier swap.

Available in four different flavours – original malt, banana, apple and strawberry, all of Soreen’s Lunchbox Loaves are less than 100 calories a portion. Plus, they have no reds in their nutritional traffic lights and are a source of fibre.

Mark said: “We took the decision to feature the traffic light nutritionals on the front of our packs in 2017 to make it easier for parents to make healthier choices.”

Soreen are supporting Change4Life again in 2020, by using the Good Choice badge on their lower sugar products. The campaign began in 2009 and encourages families to cut back on sugar by making a few simple swaps to their everyday food and drinks. Orla Hugueniot, Change4Life nutritionist at Public Health England said: “We are pleased that Soreen is supporting Change4Life again this year. We want to help families identify healthier choices and by using the Good Choice badge, brands like Soreen are helping to achieve this.”

Mark Simester, MD at Soreen said: “Simply enjoying a Soreen Original Lunchbox Loaf rather than reaching for a cake bar, cuts your sugar intake by 58% on this particular swap – a shocking amount.

Soreen are also proud supporters of Veganuary in 2020, proving that taking part in Veganuary can be exceptionally tasty.  Apple and strawberry lunchbox loaves are all vegan friendly, as well as Soreen’s newly launched Banana Loaf Bar, which not only is vegan approved but comes in at just 135 calories, with 32% less sugar and 58% less fat than the average snack bar, making for a popular on-the-go snack.

“We’ve proved that there are still delicious treats available for the growing number of people who are following a vegan diet.” said Bethan Brown, Marketing Director at Soreen.

For those looking to make positive changes in January after a month filled with indulgence, Soreen is a good choice for the health conscious.  As a tasty yet healthier snack, as well as being lower in sugar, calories, fat and low in saturated fat compared to other cake bars, it’s a great new year addition to keep on track with January’s health push.

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