Perhaps it’s Time to “Grasp the Nettle”*


An insight into exploring the modern technology choices for sales efficiency, management and growth

The essential role and value of technology in driving sales growth

Despite positive signs of growth in the current Global economy, business still remains tremendously competitive; gaining and maintaining that all-important edge on your business remains a challenge. The ever increasing pursuit of sales, an unstoppable trend towards web enlightened, more demanding customers and the incessant drive to exploit every available sales opportunity just adds fuel to the argument that companies can now ill afford to have a sales operation that falls short in its performance and productivity.

Recent polls suggest that around 78% of our buyers (including our existing customers and prospects) initiate their research for products or services online, so although word of mouth still plays a role in decision making, it’s now much easier to check out a wider network of information, whatever the product or service. In this highly informed world the stark reality is that buyers now have almost instant access to a detailed level of information relating to your products and the quality of your service, allowing them to make pricing and service comparisons before contact is ever made.

To stay ahead of the game adopting a scientific approach to sales and customer management makes a lot of sense. By equipping every member of a sales or marketing related team (arguably that should be most of the business) with tools and technology that help to build and preserve knowledge levels, it has been proven that organisations have dramatically enhanced the quality and content of sales conversations and therefore the relationships with their customers. Sales results can be visibly strengthened by supporting a team’s experience and judgement with hard facts, enabling fast and effective decision making and exceptional customer management. So how to achieve this and what are the options available?

Business Intelligence (BI): Data reporting and analysis A broad set of applications and technologies used for gathering, storing, analysing, and providing access to data to help organisations make better business decisions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Customer details & interactions A management philosophy or software solution providing a repository for company/contact details and information to enable the management of customer and prospect interactions and customer relations.

Sales Intelligence (SI): Intelligent analytics, customer data, interactions and sales prompts The collection, integration, analysis and timely     presentation of sales figures, interactions, opportunities and customer/contact profiles to drive sales awareness and productivity, support business decisions, enhance relationships and optimise business results.

Could it be time to take a look at what technology could future proof your business?

* Extracted from Vecta’s White paper of the same name – read the full guide:


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