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“Vegan”: a term that has taken off in recent years, even more-so as we kick off 2020, and one that seems to be splashed all over social media and press articles. Why you ask? Because it’s cool. It’s the ‘in’ thing to be part of and as more people are mindful about where their food and drinks are sourced from, people have become conscious about their diet and lifestyle choices which has influenced swapping to meat-free and plant-based alternatives.

The Straw Hat is the UK’s Number 1 British Wine brand* and has been Vegan since 2017, but as of the 1st January our red, white and rosé British Wines are registered with The Vegan Society and the official logo will be now be featured on both the front and back labels. CWF also produce Silver Bay Point, another British Wine that is light in calories and light on the pocket retailing at only £3.25 in major supermarkets, and has also been registered with The Vegan Society starting this month.

We are extremely proud to have received this accolade perfectly aligning with Veganaury – a growing trend to trial Veganism throughout the month of January. We appreciate a Vegan lifestyle is not for everyone, but we are hopeful to acquire new customers and target a whole new demographic who will buy and consume The Straw Hat and Silver Bay Point for this reason. The product within the bottle is exactly the same – still great-tasting British wine – just with a couple of tweaks to the label. Follow The Straw Hat on Facebook and Instagram – @thestrawhatprestigecollection – for regular product information, updates and Veganuary inspiration.

For more information about CWF’s range of liqueurs and alcoholic beverages log on to

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