The sustainable houmous brand, ChicP is delivering a delicious and environmentally friendly option for your Christmas party, both at home or in the office.

Born out of a concern for the environment, ChicP creates deliciously healthy and colourful houmous made from rescued, wonky vegetables combined with modern flavours and is the perfect addition to any Christmas buffet.

“Holiday parties are notorious for contributing to food waste,” founder Hannah McCollum, the chef-turned-entrepreneur, said. “A concerning amount of perfectly good, untouched food gets thrown out every year, and we are hoping to help reduce that staggering amount”.

ChicP is made from imperfect British raw vegetables that are rejected for their size, shape or colour. Hannah upcycles them into modern flavoured, colourful houmous using her culinary flair and is loved across the UK. ChicP is also now available in 1KG tubs for larger companies, events and family gatherings.

Currently available in four irresistible flavours, including (new) Chilli Pumpkin, Herby Houmous; Beetroot Houmous; Carrot, Ginger, and Turmeric Houmous; and Banana and Cacao Houmous, there is something for everyone.

For each Chilli Pumpkin Houmous sold, ChicP will donate 10 per cent to Feedback, a London-based campaign group that works to regenerate nature by reducing the demands placed on it by the food system.

Over the last eight years, Hannah has cooked for families across the UK and continental Europe, as a private chef. She often found herself converting leftover Middle-Eastern style veggie dishes into dips for the next meal. However, it wasn’t until Hannah began working in catering and events that she witnessed the colossal volumes of food wasted. Her love for healthy, fresh and locally sourced foods and her passion for creating new dishes from the food we already have in our homes inspired Hannah to start a company that could truly make a difference and in 2016, ChicP was born.

“Our Herby Houmous is one of our best sellers” Hannah comments. “It goes perfectly with anything from veggie crudités and tortilla chips to smothered on freshly baked bread or as a topping for burgers.” ChicP’s houmous is the perfect addition to any Christmas buffet with their delicious dips offering an array of flavours that match perfectly with both traditional and modern buffet foods.

“Try dipping fresh apple slices into our Beetroot Houmous for a perfect balance of sweet acidity and earthy undertones or mix a dollop of our Carrot, Ginger and Turmeric Houmous into your homemade coleslaw for a Middle-Eastern twist on a classic” suggests Hannah.

1kg or 2kg for catering/restaurants/events available via wholesale and ChicP directly.
RRP: from £5

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