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INTRODUCING TROPICANA WHOLE FRUIT – making more of the whole fruit drinkable 

  • Tropicana is introducing an innovative new range to the juice category – Tropicana Whole Fruit
  • It’s not a juice, it’s not a smoothie…’s 100% drinkable fruit
  • It retains more of the natural fruit fibre thanks to a unique new process
  • Tropicana Whole Fruit is available from May and comes in both Orange and Apple variants

This May, Tropicana, the UK’s number 1 chilled fruit juice brand[1], is launching brand new and unique ‘Tropicana Whole Fruit’.

The new range of juice drinks counts as 1 of your 5 a day and is high in fruit fibre thanks to a new and unique process which helps retain more of the whole fruit.

As a nation, not only are we struggling to reach the recommended daily intake of 5 portions of fruit & veg – research also shows that over 90% of us are failing to achieve our recommended daily intake of fibre[2]. Tropicana Whole Fruit helps address these two nutritional shortfalls – in just one convenient serving, consumers get 1 of their 5 a day and a significant contribution to their fibre intake.  Indeed, it is the fact that Whole Fruit contains 50% more fibre than fruit juices and smoothies on average that sets it apart.

“To create Whole Fruit, we used our expertise to craft a new pressing process which makes more of the whole fruit drinkable” says Caroline Wilding, Marketing Manager for juices at PepsiCo UK. “We use everything but the pips and peel to retain fibre, which is a key nutrient lost during traditional juicing”.

The result is a delicious drink with a velvety-smooth texture that contains more of the nutrition from the whole fruit in every serving.  Packaged up in 150ml bottles, new Tropicana Whole Fruit helps consumers achieve their daily recommended intake of fruit and fibre and delivers Public Health England’s recommended daily juice serving.

“Some of the reasons people give for not eating enough fruit and veg include lack of convenience and messiness” explains Wilding.  “This is especially true of people living an on-the-go lifestyle.  The Whole Fruit range seeks to break that down – by packaging up more of the whole fruit in an easy to consume 150ml format”.

The launch of Tropicana Whole Fruit will be supported by a multi-million pound advertising campaign over the summer, spanning TV, social media and instore support. The new range is a great opportunity for retailers looking to make the most of their chilled fruit juice sales and appeal to those shoppers looking for balanced nutrition made easy.

Tropicana Whole Fruit is available from May and both the Orange and Apple variants will be in 150ml (£1.49 RRP) and 750ml formats (£3.29 RRP), along with a 4 x 150ml multipack (£3.29 RRP).

[1] Nielsen Total Coverage data YTD 13.04.19

[2] Data Source: PHE National Diet and Nutrition Survey years 7-8, adults 19-64 years old. Published 16th March 2018.

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